Projection over being racist is probably the biggest (((red flag))) you’ll ever see. After all, before the “Russian” revolution, many Russians were brow-beaten out of their nationalist worldviews with cries of “racism”. May as well write, “my mother’s Jewish” on one’s forehead, if they’re going to do that. I’m referring to those that think national socialists are evil degenerates frothing at the mouth, constantly thinking about oppressing people, when in actuality–it is them whom this behavior describes to a tee. They are the ones constantly thinking about race, worrying about how many blacks are in what position and will likely act to exclude whites in the process of “diversifying” the area.

Most actual, unironically racist people aren’t nearly as obnoxious as these “anti-racists”, in terms of their fixation on race, obsession over white people in particular, and willful dismal of grievances based on race. They aren’t just racist. They are in fact the very bigoted, divisive Jews they claim to be fighting against.

Cultural Marxist? Ya mean, totally, definitely, probably, maybe, sorta, entirely Marxist? Jokingly call a black man a nigger and these people will eat you alive. Agree with me as a black man and these same people will unironically call you a house nigger.

Labeling oneself an anti-racist is the quickest way to get me to recognize racism on their part. You don’t have to tell anyone that you’re not a racist; nor should you wear the notion around you, everywhere you go with that absurd label. What you should be doing is: not being racist, but most of such people are terrible at it. It’s the last thing they’ll ever naturally accomplish.

The biggest racists in your life are generally the ones in denial.



“I don’t have time to argue semantics,” translates roughly to, “my choice of words has resulted in an error, which is leading to criticism I don’t like.” Yes, believe it or not–there is a solution to not having to argue semantics, and it’s surprisingly simple. Get the “semantics” right the first time; that is to say–know what you’re talking about; don’t just have a “gut feeling” about something if you’re going to ride into dialogue city on your high horse, especially if your presence wasn’t requested. Because if one can so easily knock you off said high horse, it’s gonna be really challenging for you to get back on in good company, isn’t it?

Cop Out

It’s a pretty obvious cop-out as well. It’s sort of akin to saying, “oh, you don’t like what I’m saying? Well, I’m right so, you’re gonna have to get over it, because I don’t feel the need to prove it to you if it’s right.” When any sensible person would realize that this will likely only drive stabile people away from your dogmatic worldview, considering you’re unstable, everyone else they meet that thinks like you are unstable; why wouldn’t they abandon your crooked belief system altogether at that point? If you genuinely believe what you believe and you think that others knowing about it is crucial, I’d expect you to have a little more patience when trying to persuade people who are (*gasp*) skeptical of what you’re saying.

This, “fuck you, I’m total hot shit, get on my level” attitude makes it clear you’re not an ideologue; just a common, everyday, egotistical, attention whore. Someone that’ll do or say just about anything that violates their principles if it gets them that one notification a day on the (((cloud))), or that one little head turn and fake smile in the “IRL”. Do you think this shit is a game? The art of persuasion? Is it a joke to you? Or do you seriously look down on others who don’t think like you, as though you have access to some higher plane of knowledge, only “geniuses” like yourself can get to, or even have the privilege of knowing about for that matter? Let me answer that for ya.

I don’t need to argue with you because you’re wrong,

even though you don’t understand that you’re wrong,

and “arguing” would help you understand.

“I don’t need to argue with a racist, or a sexist, or a bigot, homophobe, xenophobe, agist, faithist, or anybody I don’t like for that matter. Because I have the right opinion.” That’s certainly true. You don’t have to argue with anyone you don’t want to. But if ya start and then walk away halfway through, what would you call that? I mean, let’s say I approached a Mario 3 game slot machine, put some quarters in, and plaid. Suppose I didn’t make it to Bowser’s castle ultimately and ended up walking away. Would you say that I finished what I had started? That I–won the game? Or would you say that I was perhaps–too cocky going in? Maybe I had a thing or two to learn still, huh?

Hence, if you begin arguing with someone, but cower from the ordeal because they don’t use “traditional argumentation” tactics, or your’s rather–it demonstrates to the person you’re arguing with that persuading them and getting them to learn new information is not your priority. All that matters is the win and by walking away, they genuinely think they’re getting just that; a victory, a tally on the scoreboard of indoctrination. All this is just your run of the mill Judaism in progress.

“Oy vey, me a argue. Wantses persuasion pointses for Israelses.”

“Meh, me fact. Me Aryan. Me show proof. Have back up for statementses.”

“MEEEEEH!! I don’t like it, sheeeee. Me, a cry ANTI SHAMANTISM!”

Tetris is Communist Programming

Tetris may very well be communist programming. Intentional or not, it would seem a little on Marx’s nose. Consider the following.

  • Every Tetris block is useless unless paired with a group of different blocks. (multiculturalism)
  • Once the Tetris blocks form a complete row (that is to say, to fulfill their purpose), they’re disposable. (purges)
  • The first sequel Welltris showcases the hammer and sickle and makes nothing of it.
  • The man who made it, Alexey Pajitnov was born in Moscow and moved to the United States in 1991.
  • In 1991, the Soviet Union “fell apart”. (it really just assimilated itself into the UN)

I once loved Metroid as well, a game series where you play as a female bounty hunter, traveling across space, battling monstrous lifeforms, saving planets, etc. Now, I can’t help but look at it with disdain, because I know that it’s feminist programming.

I’ve always found a few things odd about World of Warcraft as well. For one, they act incredibly concerned about your “security”, but for almost a decade and a half now–their login system to get into the game hasn’t been case sensitive. I’d chalk it up to incompetence the first couple of years, but at this point–the cynic in me is starting to think that it’s intentional. Perhaps there’s dirty money involved in account restoration that gets laundered back to Blizzard. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

It would seem that games, in general, serve a purpose to the overall (((agenda))), in that it keeps us at home, asleep, fantasizing about higher lives in virtual worlds, instead of actually striving to achieve success in this fucked system they’ve engineered for us. By tuning into the latest MMOs or buyest the newest Call of Duty, we are saying, “this world stresses me out too much; take me away from it,” when in reality, we should be having a much different revelation. “Oh, wow. You mean life doesn’t have to be so stressful?”

“You mean to tell me that we can all live happily together, singing goombaya? You’re telling me that’s not only possible, but simple to achieve, Shank?” Correct. Ban usury; make it punishable by death; actually, enforce said death penalty policy out in the open where people can see–and eventually the parasites responsible for the usury system and all of its derivatives, many as they are–will necessarily collapse.

Theleme My People Alone

Imagine, If You Will

a World of Thelema

This one time, I was taking a stroll across town, when I saw a Thelemite. I could tell cause he had a shirt on of that famous Aleister Crowley picture with the Eye of Horus. I walked up to him, pushed him down, stuck my foot in his mouth, and starting kicking him viciously in the testicles. He cried, naturally. I asked what was wrong and he said, “you’re hurting me,” to which I smirked and remarked, “hurting you? Sir, this is my will, and it shall be done. Now, quit oppressing me,” to which he responded graciously, “oh, right,” and continued receiving the ass-beating that had begun moments ago.

I went back to his house; I can tell it was his house, cause he had an Ozzy Osbourne memorial on his porch. I let myself in and used my second brain to put his wife in a choke hold if you know what I’m saying. He walked in shortly before I came; he was not amused. But I repeated the same line to him as I did earlier. “Sir, it is my will. If you interfere, you’re suggesting that your will is superior to mine. Don’t tread on me.” He sighed, looked down in shame, and said, “right,” after which I continued thrusting, moaning, and relieving myself.

I tore up a dollar bill and left it in his mailbox. The (((mail man))) found it the next morning and now would probably be a good time to mention–this guy is black. Needless to say, there was a warrant for his arrest and a battering ram headed for his doorstep hours later. He was shaking; I think one of the cops inadvertently shot his daughter in the face when a bullet ricocheted into her after bouncing off a quoted Maya Angelou picture frame. So he was furious to put it lightly.

But on that faithful court day, when it was my turn to take the stand I said, “your honor, have not we heard the Law of Thelema in this court?” to which everyone, including the judge, responded in gasps, hushed whispers, and looks of bewilderment. The black Thelemite, who was now wearing a Black Lives Matter shirt, was sitting in the defendant seat with his face in his hands, looking absolutely defeated.

An explanation for all the

“Hygienics” in the story there

The Law of Thelema holds the individual will of each of its adherents to be divine law. A true Thelemite will not question the will of anyone else, even if it conflicts with theirs. They can act in their “own will” to defend themselves of course. But they can’t be upset with you in good faith for trying to wrong you as a Thelemite; for if they did, they would fail to understand what Aleister Crowley taught. To let go of morality.

Now, what’s the difference between a Thelemite, which let’s be real here is nothing more than a Satanist attempting to come off as more “philosophical”, and a Jew? Well, Thelemites think they’re God. Deep within Aleister Crowley (the first Thelemite) was a detachment from reality. This is due to the innate fact that nothing seems to exist outside of perception, which seems to only exist within our minds, hence–it’s impossible to know whether or not anything is real. Because he wasn’t sure he was real, he assumed he was God, genuinely. That he was solely responsible for keeping this “world” together that he was nearly convinced was all in his head.

A Jew knows there’s a God. As do Christians.

Ya see a Christian thinks that life is a test. A test of what: faith.

Jew thinks they are testing life. Testing what about it: its stability.

Now, deep within Thelema, you’ll encounter people like Elon Musk, who suggest that if anything–we aren’t real; that if indeed we are to reach a level of sophistication one day where we’ll be able to create life from scratch and become God in a sense, then that’s probably already happened. Many, many times. Musk thinks that we’re not only living in a “simulation” but that our “simulators” are living in one as well, as are their’s and so on.

It truly takes an unbelievable amount of narcissism and willful ignorance of the suffering of others for someone to truly have this solipsistic worldview. It’s disgusting. I don’t get how such people are unable to look around them and see that others go through the same kind of pain, feelings, struggles, trials, and tribulations that they do. That they bleed, cry, and have urges just like them. That they too feel like they are the main character of the universe in a sense. It’s called sonder. Look it up.

I get that the world has been cruel to Thelemites, like you Aleister. The world didn’t like gays during your time and you got the short end of the stick quite a bit, for it to say the least. I understand why you think your suffering is unique, all of you. I get it. I was once there. Embracing the likes of Ayn Rand, Ron Paul, and all sorts of other near-anarcho types. But you can’t let these people use your suffering to turn you against your fellow man and feed their (((system))).

Everything your ancestors have built must be preserved if you are to have a future for your grandchildren, great grandchildren and so on. In order to do that, you must not give into the divisive mechanisms being peddled to us by our Israeli puppet masters. It’s about time we stood up to these people and told them, “no thanks. We’re not Jews. We’re people.”


MundaneMatt Annihilated

Wow, this is definitely one of the best Metokur videos ever, hands down. The embed above starts playing around a rather interesting part. I have to say. I was never into MundaneMatt and now I know why. Not because he’s mundane and thinks ironic detachment from that fact makes it at least a little funny (it doesn’t). It’s because I could smell the bullshit emanating from him a mile away.

Seriously. Why is it that all of these bland vloggers with attitude always turn out to be (((phonies)))? Every single one. TJ Kirk, Armored Skeptic, and now this guy–who I’ve never even watched. I thought at one point, ya know, “I might actually like this guy’s content if I gave it a try,” but with a name like that, I knew that there wasn’t much to his “show” but lots of blatant transparency.


It’s often said that anyone who’s against abortion is just “a misogynist”, “hates women”, or at least wants to rule over them maliciously somehow. This is because people are brainwashed and don’t understand what they’re arguing for, or even why. Ya see men and women are different. I know, it surprised me as well. I thought the obvious differences between them were just a coincidence too. But yes, they are different and carry very different roles in society. They both, in particular, have one crucial duty, however. In the case of men, that is to provide at all costs (even with his life) resources for the tribe. In the case of women, it is to provide at all costs (if need be, with her life) a child for the tribe, to keep the tribe goingGrantedsome women are sterile and some men are handicapped. They are nevertheless outliers and don’t excuse the hedonism on the parts of the rest of us.

Understanding this is the key to understanding why abortion, even in the case of rape, is unequivocally wrong and evil. It may seem without empathy that I am saying this, but the opposite is true. If we allowed or encouraged abortion, that would undermine the future of our species; the yet to be born, the most precious to preserve. The fact that Hitler saw this barbarity as a necessary evil (for eugenics) is irrelevant. I’ve never said that the man was infallible.

Imagine a world full of handicapped, incapable men who couldn’t pick up a gun in a national emergency. It would suck, right? Probably wouldn’t last long. Now, imagine a world (you really don’t have to, it’s on the horizon) full of women that abort their babies, give them to the state, give them up to their fathers, give them to daycare, murder them even, and do anything, but take care of them. Do you think such a population would last any longer than the prior?

Women have a duty, which there is no escaping. Abortion is like draft dodging. It’s not “your choice” and if you think you’re “not hurting anyone” by doing it, you’re failing to see the bigger picture. You don’t matter, don’t matter. All that matters is our people, its culture, and its stability. Because once it’s gone, you won’t have such venues to indulge in infinite pleasure, yet still complain about what you don’t have anymore.

The “Spectrum” of Pro-Livelihood

Now, just “how” pro-life am I? Well, I think the best way to answer that is to tell you what I honestly think of people who are “pro-life” but are willing to make certain exceptions over it. I think they’re misogynists. I think they truly, whether they realize or not, use pro-livelihood as a means to oppress women. And when you ask them about certain situations like rape, limited resources, or whatever and they go back on their word, what they’re really saying is, “okay, okay. You caught me. I was just trying to hold women down. You can let them kill their babies, then.”

It’s sort of akin to being an advocate for the draft, but also for “conscientious objection”. You don’t actually care about the duty men have to their nations. You just see them as disposable, is all really.

When people ask, “what if she was raped, can she abort her baby then?”, they’re failing to see that rape is the issue in that circumstance, and that by introducing “abortion” into the equation, they’re adding evil on top of evil.

It’s like asking in the case of draft dodgers, “well what if this is some phony war started by private bankers?” It doesn’t matter. The “bankers” get us involved in situations that we must go in and resolve, unfortunately sometimes with violence. Bankers getting men involved in war, is like a rapist putting an unwanted baby in a woman. It still doesn’t excuse the problem and the fact that the problem must be fixed. In the case of men, they must settle international and diplomatic disputes, and with women–it is quite simple: don’t. Kill. Babies. You’re the only ones that can make them and you can’t even make that many.

When people bring up rape, they’re opening up a whole different can of worms that has nothing to do with “abortion”. It’s a dead-end argument. What about rape? If rape didn’t happen, what would you use to argue then? You’d be stumped, wouldn’t you? Because then, you’d realize it’s nothing more than hedonism at it’s most vicious and abominable level.

If I knew the end-all solution to rape, believe me, I wouldn’t hold it from anybody. But that solution is certainly not compounding the issue with yet another issue, and it absolutely is one. If you think (((they))) allow abortion in the name of “being progressive” and not holding people down, you are absolutely wrong. Quite the contrary. They know how barbaric it is and they know how useful it is to their agenda which includes among other things the destruction of the family, reviling of the sexes, and a drastic overall population reduction across the world. Be above the agenda. Don’t give into it.

With infanticide, rape seems to be the biggest hurdle. With being drafted, “bankers” would seem at the heart of the issue. But by using the temporary “solutions” they offer to us (whether it’s abortion or conscientious objection) to relieve ourselves of the torment they cause us, we’re only giving into more control. Avoiding the draft doesn’t stop the draft or the mechanisms that cause it to come in use, and “abortion” does nothing to stop rape; if anything, it’ll only encourage a rapist because what little they had to lose already is now even less if they know you’re just going to abort it. They’ll never have to look that child in the eyes and own up to the heinousness of their deeds. It could very well become a lot less evil of an act to them. Kind of like how if all or most men started dodging the draft, no one would be around to defend our nation, when the “bankers” drag us into conflict. Thus, we would–probably vanish, huh?

Complicated issues indeed. No one size fits all answer to these questions. But they are important matters that cut at the heart of what the entire world’s undergoing right now, a transformation into Israeli slavery.