Matthew Heimbach

This noble Jew sets the record straight about the involvement of his tribe in some of the world’s most malicious affairs past, present, and future. He also explains beautifully in about five minutes what National Socialism really is; rather than the typical, falsified, “historical” spin on it.


“I don’t want to shake your hand.” Wow. Yea, don’t wanna get the smell of Nazi on your pure, morally superior hands. Is that not the text book definition of bigotry? You would shake anyone else’s hand, as long as they thought more like you? Yea. That’s literally intolerance, bigotry, prejudice, etc. And if you’d make an exception if Matthew Heimbach was a racial minority (which many nu-leftists like himself do), that makes you racist as well. Congratulations; you are what you claim to hate.

I cringed when Matt responded to that with, “that’s fair.” Are you kidding me? I would have called him out on that. Especially given how cordial Matt was throughout that whole exchange. We can’t allow people to treat us this way. It’s not fair or justified in anyway. It’s absolutely despicable behavior and the only way to get rid of it, is to not encourage it and by brushing this antisociality off like it’s nothing, we’re assuring them and their contemporaries that that kind of behavior is justified, when it in fact isn’t. Shake the man’s hand and stop being an insufferable douche.

“I’m not gonna shake your hand. You’re not worthy to touch my perfect, beautiful, anti-nationalist hand. What if I touch your hand and then my perfect mind is sullied by the Nazi oils on your Nazi hand, bro?” Is this even real? I seriously can’t believe he stood there, talked with the man for minutes, and then douched him for a handshake. This kind of cucking borders on the uncanney valley a bit for me. I don’t get it. He’s cucking himself out of a handshake; probably because he doesn’t want his brocialist friends and family to think less of him, should they find out (*gasp*) that he shook hands with a man who doesn’t want his race go extinct.

Arrested for Assault

In March of 2018, Heimbach allegedly assaulted a protestor at a Trump rally. think she was probably being aggressive with him to begin with and that side just wasn’t captured or was omitted. That’s usually the song and dance of the media. Regardless however, it is a great lesson for all his fellow alt-righters–do not engage these people violently. No matter what. Unless your life is in immediate danger, don’t response to these people with anger and aggression, because it’s a trap. The media and authorities will eat you alive and they have everyone and their smart phones at their disposal to do it.

“Inside the Matrix, they are everyone and they are no one.” –Morpheus