Why is the World so Perilous?

Many perceive us to be “advanced” as a species, yet there’s so much chaos and heinousness in the world, that it makes many wonder—what exactly is going on here? If indeed we are so “advanced” as many will preach, why the conflict? Why world hunger? Why anything negative?! Why can’t we all just be happy?

Many point the finger to corporations, international bankers, cultural Marxism, the military-industrial complex, globalization, patriarchy, and a slew of other boogeymen. But as dedicated as they are to uncovering the truth, they’re falling for smoke and mirrors. Decoys set up by the victors of the most deadly conflict in human history. The post-war world is one of lies, deception, and nearly a century of cover-ups, scandals, genocides, and international espionage. If one truly seeks to understand the underlying cause of all of this, looking into the other side of WWII is essential.

Sefirot – a doctrine of Judaism


Jews are inherently secular“, meaning that what they believe is right and wrong changes, depending on the situation. They are an ideology of supremacy as well, framing the world populations as strictly that of two: Jews and non-Jews (gentiles, goyim).[1]

To communicate anything to a Goy about our religious relations would be equal to the killing of all Jews, for if the Goyim knew what we teach about them, they would kill us openly.

You probably know where I’m going with this by now and might feel inclined to leave a comment like, “but know good Jews.” As in, Jews that treat everyone fairly and are honest, hard-working people. But before you do, consider the following:

Christianity—is Judaism, reformed. Most involved with the genesis of Christianity and its prominence during Christendom (including Christ himself) wanted something new out of Judaism.[2]

Catholicism, Protestantism, Calvinism, Mormonism, and other non-Orthodox “denominations” of Christianity—are called reform Christianity, for a reason. It’s reforming Christianity back into Judaism, an ideology dating back to 7th century BC when we were savages, and naturally wanted a belief system that taught us to stand our ground.[3]

Civilization eventually settled however and people grew tired of the egotism at its core, particularly because it led to countless wars and conflict and still does to this day. They wanted a new belief system that from birth would crank out clever, altruistic, cooperative people who didn’t make needless enemies everywhere they went. They wanted to destroy the ego.[4]

And so you see, when one is told, “don’t believe any of that ‘antisemitic garbage’, I’ve met plenty of decent Jews,” what they speak of are really closeted Christians. If they indeed treat gentiles well, mate with them, and engage in back-breaking labor, well—that’s great. But in the realm of Orthodox Judaism, it is sinful. Therefore, if a “Jew” behaves this way, they’re not Jewish. Getting them to realize this is important because they’re unwittingly peddling a destructive, outdated, supremacist ideology.


Christianity delineates no such others in this fashion and considers everyone, non-Christians included to be God’s children, worthy of basic respect and dignity. A Christian will never harm you willfully.[5] A Jew might. Because nothing about their holy text is meant to benefit all of mankind, as is in the case of the Bible and possibly the original version of the Quran, which was wiped out and revised heavily by the caliph Uthman.

What he ended up revising it into and from becomes quite clear if one pays particular attention to the demographical shifts going on before, during, and after the Quran’s conception in Mecca around 610 AD.




(((Pagans))) essentially persecuted Muhammed and his people with the classic divide and conquer, psychological warfare routine, leading to the conception of the Quran—which sought to capitalize largely off of the gospel[6] and bring providence together again; however, the version systemically pumped out over millennia by Uthman—has far more in common with the teachings of the Torah, Talmud, and Kabbalah. If Muhammed could see what “Islam” is today, he’d roll over in his grave. Ever since its inception, Islam has led to mostly, dismal, counterproductive, war-waging empires that conquer their surroundings by the sword to sustain themselves.[7]

And that is something to expect when your religion is corrupted by another ideology with more reach, resources, and intensely deep-rooted supremacist attitudes.[8] It will of course only come to serve as a proxy or decoy for said ideology’s agenda. As hard as it is to tell Muslims this to their face, their religion is mostly fraudulent.

Paganism can be thought of the first reformed Christianity; the first one to take prominence in a world superpower that is. Recall, if you will what I said earlier: reform Christians indeed as Wikipedia mocks aren’t Christian.

Terrorism and Islam are inherently related, but it is not the fault of Islam itself, the people who initially conceived of it, or Muslims themselves. Islam is yet another decoy, folks. A pivotal one marking the end of Christendom (a mostly Christian world) and the beginning pieces of the classical end-times scenario, covered extensively in Jewish holy texts.

A scenario in which most Jews will be safe in their homeland (which is Israel, a country currently building borders and putting up mandatory DNA testing for entrance) and the gentiles will suffer in the outer Israeli, globalist cage like the cattle they’ve been seen as all along.

Who Shot First?

Judea Declares War On Germany, a 1933 newspaper said in response to Germany crawling out from under the heel of international bankers. For they knew not that Germany would “take over the world”, but that Germany’s restored ideals (nationalism, family, tradition, etc.) would soon usurp the globe and bring the private banking industry and the Illuminated order to a collapse.

Globalism vs. Nationalism

Hitler didn’t reach enough people in time for international Jews not to start using their accumulated financial power across the globe to turn public opinion against Germany, setting into motion so many events of instigation, intimidation, mass-rapings in Germany, sanctions, and so on, that she had no choice but to “declare war” on the Allied Forces. The Japanese were similarly frightened into involvement in the events that took place during “Pearl Harbor”. The Axis were the good guys. That’s why we live in a hate-filled, divisive, and oppressive world that rewards Machiavellianism and antisociality. Nobody knows who they are anymore. WWII was a battle of ideas. Nationalism vs. Globalism; Diversity vs. Assimilation; Many Cultures vs. One that can easily be controlled.

It also touches upon the paradox that is our wide-spread misconception of collectivism and individualism. The combination of characteristics and traits associated with all the collectives you belong to is what makes you an “individual”. Collectivists are the true individuals, each belonging to a variety of different groups in their own respects. “Individualists”, on the other hand, are largely all the same. They think values are all that matter and while they are important, where the values come from is just as important.


Concentration / “Death” Camps

The camps in Europe during WWII were not death camps, nor did they function as oppressive facilities to milk communists in Germany for all they were worth, then throw them in the meat grinder. National Socialist Germany wanted communists to move, yes. But they didn’t want to just dispose of those who didn’t leave. So they essentially created neat, little, make-shift, communist communities for them, out of the camps.

These camps had cafeterias, hospitals, beds, dentistry, maternity wards, currency. The “prisoners” of these camps lived exactly the kind of life they longed for. Nobody owned anything; yet everyone had access to whatever they needed, and they were happy. Even long before these camps were implemented, Germany attempted (mostly with success) to relocate the communists into neighboring countries that were more than willing to accept their integration, as was Germany more than happy to finance it.

Germany was the foremost superpower in Europe at the time. Hence, if any of her neighbors were in dire trouble, she was the one to step in and help. This is why there were camps not just in Germany, but some in Poland, Austria, etc. Because many countries in Europe at the time were experiencing absolutely horrific Soviet purges. “Prisoners” of these camps were “kidnapped” from a life of constant uncertainty and chaos and taken into boxed communities that took care of them.

On the other hand, guess who did have and in fact, invented concentration camps.

British and German Jews in South Africa.


Typhus, a skin-eating disease with no cure at the time, spread itself through bugs, lice, and microorganisms, an issue commonly expected when dealing with crowds of people in constant close proximity to one another. The only way to contain the virus was to shower, sanitize, shave everyone regularly and burn their clothes (in ovens) if they weren’t salvageable. If they were salvageable, they had to be sprayed first with the delousing agent, Zyklon-B.

This stuff was deadly to put it lightly and certainly not the kind of thing you wanted to be left uncontained, which would make it the perfect weapon to use in war, wouldn’t it? How might one use it? Well, here’s an idea. How about we (the Allies) bomb the hell out of German supply bases and medical facilities, to deprive and ultimately shut down administration with the camps, leading to—well, chaos. Better yet, let’s just bomb their whole country with phosphorus fires all over, so that even those who survive somehow—will roam for a while, then starve to death. Seems like a solid plan to me.

Then after we occupy their camps, we’ll alter them. Take old photographs and footage of them; edit those as well. The goal really is: make our enemies look terrible. Nothing is too extreme.









Globalism / Israel

Everything Hitler predicted in Mein Kampf about a globalist world has largely come to pass and the Jewish homeland Israel fittingly enough is at the heart of the storm. Abolition of religion, abandoning of all culture, centralizing of communication, education, and everything holding our precious, various cultures together on their own merits. It cannot be understated; the society we live in isn’t like communism. It is communism.





Chinese Warming

4) “Climate change” alarmism. No matter how much contradicting evidence is presented or how divided the scientific community is global imperialists always express 100% certainty in “climate change” and “global warming” theories. They virtually never question it and they usually insist on reacting to the worst case scenario hypothesis. This is of particular importance in their ideology because it creates a fear-based imperitive to bring all the nations of the world under the economic and political control of “internationalist” institutions.

–Globalist Traits, Rob Ager, March 2011









Why Did We Let it Happen?

We didn’t. They tricked us, folks. It all goes back to usury. We keep borrowing, thus indebting ourselves, but never asking, “when is it going to be enough?” Jews know how to exploit this weakness. Democracy is a scam to give you the illusion of choice, when the bankers have already pre-determined the outcome EVERY TIME by funding and not funding whoever they wish.

Lemme ask ya something.

Do you consider yourself a “centrist”?

National Socialism

A Truly Diverse Ideology

No two national socialist societies were, are, or will ever be alike. Yet all communist and anarchist societies fall down the same path, no matter how they approach their system, which let’s be honest–doesn’t vary much. There are not very many ways to have no society, and there’s just as few ways to run a society that takes everything from everyone by force. There is practically an infinite number of ways, however, to run a national socialist system, for at the core of national socialism is: the nation; the people. It is the one true “democracy” if ever there were such a system that you could describe as such.

Natsoc isn’t subject to the same potential corruption as today’s “democratic” societies, for if a banker or any corporate entity attempts to overstep their boundaries, they will fail. If people wish to conduct business in natsoc societies, the business must serve the nation in some measurable way and not take more than it gives. Societies that allow such businesses to operate, regardless of usefulness are called capitalist systems and such systems are a catalyst for (((globalism))), much like international socialism (communism) would be. Any international entity for that matter, as well as any that operates under market fundamentalism (deregulation), will naturally and necessarily overstep its boundaries and become a world superpower, putting every other smaller territory under its heel.

Now, when I say that natsoc is in the center of the left and the right, I’m not necessarily insinuating that it’s a “centrist” ideology. What I’m getting at is much bigger than that. Once one truly grasps what national socialism really is, they’ll understand that there is no such thing as the left or the right. Those are terms invented by divisive people who have been led into living in systems they don’t like, because they’ve been heavily influenced by global powers that want them to be divisive, to buy things they don’t need with money they don’t have, and to spend 1/3 of their daily waking hours absorbing news media. The left is just a melting pot one swims in all day, every day until they eventually become a communist; the same goes for the right and anarchy.

Would you rather have as oppressive a society as possible, no society at all, or a functional one?


Most civilized societiesare white. In that, they’re made by whites, for whites. Civilized in that they have an infrastructure, hygiene, schools, research, automation, central heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, plumbing, shelter, housing, agriculture, manufacturing, news media, churches, distinct cultural music and art, engineers, scientists, functional nuclear families, unity among class and sub-culture, and so on. “White” supremacy is essential for us all to have access to these things as a species. Once one realizes how white supremacy works, most won’t take issue with it. For it is quite simple. We, whites—have taken and “pillaged” all that way have in this world throughout history, by killing our enemies with one thing: altruism; Christianity.

Our people are amazing. The world we live in today with all our neat gadgets and obvious authority status over nature—is a mostly white invention. Non-whites can never repay us for this, if we did ever come to collect the debt that is, which we won’t, because that humbleness is what makes us white, on the inside. Egyptians, Persians, North Americans, Mesopotamians, Indians, Chinese, Mongolians, Japanese, Incans, Mayans, Aztecs, Peruvians, Iranians, Iraqis, Bosnians, and especially Palestinians were all once visited some time ago by what many of them called, “giant, white Gods” from the mountains (Caucasia), before the peak of all of their civilizations. Why did they all collapse, and why so quickly (say in the span of about a century or two, every time)? They sent whites packing and often slaughtered them. It’s the same story, every time.

And part of that sadly is our fault. Because we are so kind and brotherly with our fellow man, we often mingle, work, and eventually mate with any surrounding minorities, such that—demographical change, in the long run, is inevitable without state intervention. And once few enough people are white on the outside, there won’t be enough who are white on the inside to keep society running functionally. It will collapse without us; make no mistake. As a non-white, if you care about your people, you should be every bit a “white supremacist”, as we are. Because any world absent of our people is a perilous, virtually uninhabitable one for the rest of you.


That no rape culture thing is not an exaggeration. There was indeed no rape culture, no homeless slums, no neighborhoods of single mothers. None of those societal ills we’ve come disgustingly to just accept everywhere we are. The one true eutopia is the one most strongly discouraged and looked down upon.

It can’t be that shocking.

Myth: Nationalism is “Supremacy”

Supremacy means “nationalism for you, but globalism for everyone else.” But as I just explained, “white” supremacy doesn’t work like that. There’s only one group of people with an abundance of power that behaves in a truly supremacist fashion openlyJews!

Jews Control the World

This would be problematic in the case of cultural hegemony of any kind because it would bend several delicate, unique peoples and systems over to the will of one master, which is just patently unethical. It is even extra harmful, however, given our circumstance because Jews don’t exercise their power out in the open. They craft boogeymen for us to chase after like sheep, by spending their money very carefully. Anticipating the damage, they then fund the cleanup crew, and it’s a never-ending cycle of chaos and recovery–all of which they profit from. But it’s more than just profiting from it. They outright engineer it, most of the time.

Understanding that they can’t not do this—that their ideology is inherently supremacist and depends on creating conflict perpetually to sustain itself, is essential. It’s time for us to stop being Jews and start being people again.

And as far as the idea of Matriarchy goes,

  • If your mother is Jewish, you are Jewish–regardless if you identify as such. Men cannot just declare to be Jews; women, however, can.
  • Boys genitals are mutilated viciously at birth for the sake of making them obedient, submissive and reducing their sexual pleasure later in life so that they don’t commit infidelities.
  • Every feminist that’s ever had influence was Jewish or came not more than two generations from Jews.
  • Women serve less jail time, get positioned as far away from danger in the armed forces as possible, are taken more seriously in court–especially when children are involved, have practically an infinite supply of social programs, and live an overall more privileged life than men do (at least in the West).

How it works: Usury

Let’s say you and I are acquaintances and you need $30. Suppose I give you $30, under the expectation that you’ll give me $30 back at some point. This–is what’s called a loan.

Now, suppose instead that we’re not very well acquainted and I decide that if you want my $30 now, you have to give me $35 next week, and if not–$40 the next, and so on. You might be familiar with this process; you might also think this is a loan, or at least some special type of loan. It’s not. I’m not “loaning” you money out of the kindness of my heart. Your bills, your child’s braces, and wife’s breast cancer treatment mean less than nothing to me. I’m using you and your unfortunate financial situation to make money for myself. If you hadn’t yet, perhaps you see now why the Catholic church banned it for so long,.

Usury is any kind of lending that enriches the lender. Understanding its role goes a long way toward understanding how Jewish supremacy is sustained and what to do about it as a society.

Imagine, If You Will

a World of Thelema

This one time, I was taking a stroll across town, when I saw a Thelemite. I could tell he probably was one because he had a shirt on of that famous Aleister Crowley picture with the Eye of Horus. I walked up to him, pushed him down, stuck my foot in his mouth, and starting kicking him viciously in the testicles. He cried, naturally. I asked what was wrong and he said, “you’re hurting me,” to which I smirked and remarked, “hurting you? Sir, this is my will, and it shall be done. Now, quit oppressing me,” to which he responded graciously, “oh, right,” and continued receiving the ass-beating that had begun moments ago.

I went back to his house; I can tell it was his house, cause he had an Ozzy Osbourne memorial on his porch. I let myself in and used my second brain to put his wife in a choke hold if you know what I’m saying. He walked in shortly before I came; he was not amused. But I repeated the same line to him as I did earlier. “Sir, it is my will. If you interfere, you’re suggesting that your will is superior to mine. Don’t tread on me.” He sighed, looked down in shame, and said, “right,” after which I continued thrusting, moaning, and relieving myself.

I tore up a dollar bill and left it in his mailbox. The (((mailman))) found it the next morning and now would probably be a good time to mention–this guy is black. Needless to say, there was a warrant for his arrest and a battering ram-headed for his doorstep hours later. He was shaking; I think one of the cops inadvertently shot his daughter in the face when a bullet ricocheted into her after bouncing off a quoted Maya Angelou picture frame. So he was furious to put it lightly.

But on that faithful court day, when it was my turn to take the stand I said, “your honor, have not we heard the Law of Thelema in this court?” to which everyone, including the judge, responded in gasps, hushed whispers, and looks of bewilderment. The black Thelemite, who was now wearing a Black Lives Matter shirt, was sitting in the defendant seat with his face in his hands, looking absolutely defeated.

An explanation for all the

“Hygienics” in the story there

The Law of Thelema holds the individual will of each of its adherents to be divine law. A true Thelemite will not question the will of anyone else, even if it conflicts with theirs. They can act in their “own will” to defend themselves of course. But they can’t be upset with you in good faith for trying to wrong you as a Thelemite; for if they did, they would fail to understand what Aleister Crowley taught. To let go of morality.

Now, what’s the difference between a Thelemite, which let’s be real here is nothing more than a Satanist attempting to come off as more “philosophical”, and a Jew? Well, Thelemites think they’re God. Deep within Aleister Crowley (the first Thelemite) was a detachment from reality. This is due to the innate fact that nothing seems to exist outside of perception, which seems to only exist within our minds, hence–it’s impossible to know whether or not anything is real. Because he wasn’t sure he was real, he assumed he was God, genuinely. That he was solely responsible for keeping this “world” together that he was nearly convinced was all in his head.

A Jew knows there’s a God. As do Christians.

Ya see a Christian thinks that life is a test. A test of what: faith.

Jew thinks they are testing life. Testing what about it: its stability.

Now, deep within Thelema, you’ll encounter people like Elon Musk, who suggest that if anything–we aren’t real; that if indeed we are to reach a level of sophistication one day where we’ll be able to create life from scratch and become God in a sense, then that’s probably already happened. Many, many times. Musk thinks that we’re not only living in a “simulation” but that our “simulators” are living in one as well, as are their’s and so on.

It truly takes an unbelievable amount of narcissism and willful ignorance of the suffering of others for someone to truly have this solipsistic worldview. It’s disgusting. I don’t get how such people are unable to look around them and see that others go through the same kind of pain, feelings, struggles, trials, and tribulations that they do. That they bleed, cry, and have urges just like them. That they too feel like they are the main character of the universe in a sense. It’s called sonder.

Everything your ancestors have built must be preserved if you are to have a future for your grandchildren, great grandchildren and so on. In order to do that, you must not give into the divisive mechanisms being peddled to us by our Israeli puppet masters.







Tomato Bubble

Huge Questions

Globalist Traits


Trump Hate Map

The Federal Reserve

Murdered South Africans

Macrocosmic Thinking

It’s all Just a Bieg Ol’ Wacky Conspurathee Thirty

No, Seriously. This Is An “Argument” They Use.

If you don’t believe Jews control the world, then you must believe that the many powerful Jews who demonstrate Jewish supremacy openly, regularly—are in some conspiratorial effort to fuck with us and make us think they control everything.

My worldview might be “out there”; call it whatever you want. But in order for your theory to work, first Jews have to be in power. Then, some Jews with said power have to then “feign” pride in subordinating all non-Jews. Think your theory might be a little more “convoluted” than mine there, bud.

I dare say, your theory describes an inevitable phenomenon that you’re simply misinterpreting. Ya, see you might think that powerful Jews find amusement in dominating over all of us, for the lulz basically. I mean, really. That’s what you believe, right? That powerful Jews get together and their plan is not world domination, but “trolling” us, I guess—with the idea, even though they very well could and indeed are fulfilling a plan of their own that benefits them, while simultaneously disadvantaging non-Jews, whites especially.

We, on the other hand—😂, get this. We think they flaunt their power because um—they have it.

We know you’re innocent, North Korea. Hang in there. 🙂

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