Diablo’s Immortal Middle Finger

Blizzard is yet another one of those companies that doesn’t give a rat’s ass if its customers don’t like the product they’re receiving. For these people, it matters only that you simply buy their products and stop whining about progression in gaming. What are you, guys, fags or something? You mean to tell me you—don’t have a smart phone? Oh, you do, you just don’t want to see your favorite PC game get watered down into a (((freemium))) mobile nightmare? Well, either way—you guys are just—frickin‘ mean for not buying our shitty, new shit. We worked so hard on it. So original, it is. Really.

I don’t know what’s more pathetic:

  • That diversity hiring in Blizzard continues to crank out more and more (((genius))) ideas that nobody likes.
    • Like changing a one-time-pay PC game into a nagware, mobile game that constantly pesters the player to get out their wallet for microtransactions.
  • Or that Blizzard’s actively trying to suppress opposition to this.
    • (((Allegedly))).

The smirk this Asian guy gives in the intro is priceless. It just screams, “oh, wow. The audience isn’t perceiving our PC-to-mobile rape of Diablo to be a wise tactic? Let me crank out a shit-eating smile and demonstrate better than I already have, how full of shit and out of touch with the customer base I truly am.” The nerve of this cunt. “Do you guys not have phones?” Um, do you possess a functioning brain? Do you actually think outright condescension in loo of widespread, negative perception of a yet-to-be-sold product, is the intelligent and proper course of action? You’re kidding me, right? Do you know the first fucking thing about customer service? The customer. Is always. Right. They will always be right. No matter your qualms with them, personallyGet over it.

And the part where the dude’s offering (((solutions))) for players with lack of quality internet speeds—priceless. Guy’s fucking nuts to just outright go on there and say, “just get the 360 version, you penniless apes.” So their solution to creating a game too large and in charge for fans on a budget (most of the middle class) to enjoy them as well as others is essentially—fuck ’em. And it might come as a shock to some, but I’ve grown accustomed to seeing diversity hiring everywhere I go and it never seizes to amaze me all the issues it amasses and the way in which everyone runs around like a headless chicken, trying to make sense of it all and offer some kind of “justification” for it.

And I thought they had simply “lost base” with their World of Warcraft audience long ago and caused unrelentingly, unapologetic alienation—within that one particular game. “Well, sure they totally fucked up this game,” I thought, “but they’ve got plenty of other games now, I guess. So good for them now, right?” Wrong. Ya see, people. Blizzard’s “expanded” over the years the way that it has, to include more games than its original three—not for expansion purposes at all, but rather supplementation. Over what, you might ask? (((Diversity))).

Affirmative action guarantees that most white men you work with—will be competent. The reverse is true anytime you encounter a non-white or a woman working. No matter their skill level and dedication; they simply aren’t being hired for merit, which is all that objectively matters in the business world; profitability. So about 80% of the time, you will see them slack, fuck up, lash out at others, and eventually switch jobs. If you need any hard proof that affirmative action is bad, look no further than the Equifax leak about a year ago, when at least a third of Americans had highly sensitive information about themselves like addresses, SSNs, credit cards, and phone numbers leaked during a security breach. And who was in charge of security at “equal oppurtunitistic” Equifax? A woman.

But (((feminists))) and other postmodernists will strain incredulity, insult your intelligence, and actually ask for “proof” of this; as if it’s not implied a thousand times over in our legislation and as if they can’t fucking see it with their own goddamned eyes.  These people are disingenuous, through and through. If one makes it a lawthat you cannot hire the most qualified applicant all the time—one would expect your company not to have the most qualified people at any time. To expect anything else is lunacy. The sacrifice of quality over quantity is inevitable.

Also, I’d just like to say; it’s astonishingly ironic that Blizzard calls their newest addition to the Diablo series, Immortal, when in fact—this could be cataclysmically received, such that the Diablo series, if not the company as a whole—may go under, or sell itself in time more realistically to a conglomerate that will diversify it even more. Oh, wait. They already did. (Activision)

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