Diversity Hiring

Diversity hiring is cancerous. I briefly covered this in my post about Diablo: Immortal. This issue warrants its own post however. For this is an issue that encompasses much more than just video game companies. Nay, this is a hurdle all Western companies and cohencidentally many other companies in white countries must meander through if they wish to do “business”.

Diversity hiring (aka. affirmative action) is when companies act supposedly in the interest of “multiculturalism” and hire people that they feel qualify as “diverse”, instead of hiring people who can—oh, I dunno—do the job, regardless of their race and sex. You’d think these vehement “anti-racists” on their moral high horses and all—would embrace the idea of meritocracy. Instead, these postmodernists concern themselves with race more than openly racist people do.

But that’s the (((accepted))) definition of diversity hiring (ya know, giving
marginalized groups free handouts essentially). What it really is, is simply—going out of one’s way not to hire straight, white men. It’s as simple as that. Allow me to demonstrate how diversity hiring shows contempt for all races and women, but above all—white men. In doing so, I’ll also demonstrate how true tolerance and acceptance of other people comes from among other things, an appreciation for meritocracy, a state wherein companies hire the best possible workers, a prominent feature (despite the ongoing, postwar, misinformation campaign) of the Third Reich.

Say you have a lemonade stand. It takes two people to run it, while you, the Manager, are out doing errands. You hire one guy to make the lemonade and another guy to pour it and collect cash. Suppose you luck out and haven’t run into any mandated quotas yet and decide to make your lemonade producer a white man who has a degree in Lemonade Production. Because he grew up here, as did his parents. As such, they are more grounded in the nation’s culture, have more resources available to them, and overall espouse more “privilege” than those less like him. Now, suppose there’s another white man available who’d be perfect for the cashier position.

But, what’s this? A gigantic, quota boulder has landed right on your lemonade stand. You need to hire some black folk, Asians, women, or something other than a white man to shrink (satisfy) the quota boulder. So it takes up less space; otherwise, you’re not going to be able to get any business done. Now, I’m sure you know plenty of minorities and “marginalized” peoples. But can any of them pour lemonade like that white man we had to skip over? Can they take inventory? Perform their MAC duties sufficiently? Will they show up on time? Will they work proactively and not reactively? Can they follow simple protocol? Do they even have white, Western ettiquette?

One may believe these questions to be of obvious importance to most companies today. But when these quota boulders hit them, they need to roll it off of them quick. Think of how often that must lead to compromise, wherein employers are hiring folks who maybe—slack a little. Not that they don’t do a bang-up job and keep the flow of business going while they’re there. But it would seem that there’s a general sense of entitlement flowing among non-whites and women in any given work environment, involving affirmative action.

And how could there not be? These people are being deprived of being hired into positions they know they’re qualified and prepared for (like a meritocracy) and instead they’re being used as pawns to satisfy (((feminist))) legislation and keep the company going. There is something missing for these people. Direction. Wherever these people go to find work, whether or not they land it depends solely on the legality.

Given that this is a white country (both in terms of majority population and culture) and men classically and always will be the breadwinners—there’s bound to be several white men applying for any given job, no matter how effeminate. So when there’s no need to fill quotas, these aforementioned entitled people will in all likelihood be turned down for a white man. When they are hired, it’s statistically undoubtable that they were placed there because, “oh, yea. You’re Asian; we need an Asian actually. Come on in, sport.”

If that sounds like incredibly racist and bigoted thinking, not to mention terrible for profits, the one thing any company should care about, that’s because it is. There’s nothing good about affirmative action. It fucks everybody over. But for all the trials and tribulations it forces these deviants to undergo in the workforce, at least affirmative action gets them in the workforce, even if most of them do inevitably end up leaving for one reason or another within a year or so. At least they have some spending cash, whilst they digest their blue pills some more.

What it does to white men though is painfully obvious. All the jobs we want are being shelved for folks who couldn’t care less for our Western way of life. All of these deviants should be at home—women with their families and racial minorities with countries of their ethnic origin. Then, maybe we could start producing good stuff in America again. Right now we’re a laughing stock. Anytime something’s American-made, you’re cautious, aren’t you? Americans, even. Admit it. Not to mention we have data leak after data leak. Won’t be long before everyone’s hard d0xed. Maybe if we were focused a little more on merit instead of diversity when hiring security workers, we wouldn’t have these massive data leaks and all these other issues that appear to have spawned cohencidentally since the 60’s, huh?

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