Paradox of Intolerance

Why The Intolerance in Tolerance?

One may believe it to be hypocritical when SJWs and snowflakes choose to behave in a discriminatory manner towards people they perceive to be racist, bigoted, or what have you. One may see it as mere psychological projection. After all, such behavior would make these virtuous, morally superior individuals look, well—no better than their perceived enemies, right?

But what if I told you that this kind of thinking was inevitable? What if I told you that we all believe in “equality”, but simply have a different idea of what it is and how to achieve it? There’s no such thing as a totally tolerant person. In fact, certain ideas and people cannot be tolerated without necessarily showing contempt for others. There is no paradox-less tolerance.

All efforts to fight for equality, regardless of how one interprets it, will necessarily involve opposition towards one group of people or another. All tolerance requires intolerance. Bigotry is more or less—unavoidable. So, between open racists and anti-racists, who would you suggest lives more in reality? Who would you say is conforming their beliefs and opinions based more around what’s real and achievable, rather than ideals and fantasy?

These “social justice” types (postmodernists, at their core) are a bit in denial. After all, most of them end up shockingly on the same two places of the “gender spectrum”. They often have open prejudices when it comes to sex, religion, age, and other “superficial” things about ourselves that we can’t change, but not race. This is because no matter where you lie on this spectrum of intolerance, everyone is racist. And I don’t just mean that in a tribalistic sense, where we all look after our own extended families, before anyone else’s.

I’m talking about overt, hateful racism where you want nothing to do with a certain group. One cannot support nationalism without hating Jewish supremacy and one cannot support globalism without hating white supremacy. If you hate Jewish supremacy, you’re not going to get along with most Jews; for Judaism is an inherently, divisive, supremacist ideology. And if you hate white supremacy, then you’re going to find it difficult interacting with most people in general, but above all whites, seeing as how “white” supremacy and civilization are essentially synonyms.

Many anti-racists out there get accused of hating white people; but in many cases, this is unfortunate. For these people are simply looking out for everyone in the fashion they know to be the most humane and objectively successful given their experiences. Likewise, many “antisemites” such as myself, certainly don’t choose to be. We simply perceive different obstacles on the road to “equality” than most of you.

Haven’t you ever wondered how someone who’s nice and pleasant to be around in most cases—could seemingly hate white people so much? Some may also similarly wonder how antisemites can be the way they are—despite the fact that they don’t feel or come off that way in regards to any other particular groups out there. This is why, folks. We’re all racist. Some are less open with their racism through and these are the dangerous people.

In the same way that you can’t break through to a brainwashed sociology student about how it’s actually not necessary to kill all white people to—“make society better”, you’re going to have quite a time trying to get alt-righters, such as myself to accept the idea of “peaceful co-existence” with Jewish people. White people will always face discrimination everywhere they are, in ways that are accepted by the establishment and thus, don’t “count” as racism—unless we find our spines and bring back the camps.

And no, I’m not saying, “gas them all.” I’m simply saying that we take all non-whites, single mothers, and other deviants from the original straight, white, nuclear family, and put them in designated labor camps throughout the country. They won’t be given money, rather housing, dental, entertainment, and all of their needs will be met in a semi-communist fashion (as many of them long for ultimately), in exchange for their labor. Nobody will own anything in these camps (no corporations); thus most of them will be happy and we will integrate those who aren’t happy with the changes into neighboring countries with population quotas to fill.

No tricks either. It’s not like we’re going to be feeding you food that secretly makes you infertile, or placing guards with guns pointed at you for your “protection”. We genuinely don’t want to hurt you people; no matter how badly you may want to harm us. We just don’t want to live with you, or near you. We don’t want anything to do with you. You have your culture; we have ours. Leave us the hell alone.


Describing Multiculturalism

It’s kind of like throwing twenty or thirty different flavors of Jello into one bowl and saying, “look at all the different kinds of Jello we have; so diverse, wow.” Then you taste it reluctantly and it tastes kinda bitter, doesn’t it? If you wanna taste all the uniqueness and beauty within each of the Jello flavors, ya gotta cook ’em separate.

People of other races aren’t the problem. Mixing them together (((miscegenation))), is. Not only because it inevitably after awhile results in a population decline, if not the eventual extinction of a certain people or few—but it can potentially damage children genetically also.

I don’t mean that it’s going to prevent the child from having “all the traits” from both races (although, that is true.) I mean something much more dire. Fatal illnesses are far more in common among mix-babies and “mutts”. This is because there are a variety of genes for human survival from fairly helpful to downright essential that end up being skipped in the replication process during reproduction. Kind of like how if a wild tiger impregnated a house cat, you wouldn’t expect a fine mix of the two species. No, a mutant of some sort would come out and that’s the reality with miscegenation among humans as well. It’s in the word, which most people mispronounce. Mis-Geneation!

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