Furries are bad news. I don’t mean they’re weird, or degenerate. No, I mean seriously—stay away from these people. Why? Let’s compare this “fetish” to another, shall we?

Why would somebody, who’s into (((BDSM domination))) dress up with a gag in their mouth, looking like a dungeon bitch? Because they’re role-playing. Role-playing and masturbation share something in common. The participants are imagining much more going on than what actually is. In the case of these sickos dressing like Marilyn Manson, they are pretending that they are actually being bound and humiliated against their will by their “captors”. It’s not just “dress-up”, as many assume blindly in the case of furries.

Make no mistake, people. Furries do not simply want to “be” or dress up as animals. For fuck sake. You’ve probably dressed up as an animal once for Halloween. We’re talking about something much more macabre here, folks. Think about it. Why would someone need an animal suit to be able to get off sexually? And if you’ve been living under a rock and didn’t know they do that (getting together to have “animal orgies”), yea: it’s called yiffing.

Now, there are two levels of distrust here when it comes to any furry; I don’t care who they are.

  1. How do we know you do not intend to, have not, and never will sexually harm any animals?
  2. Even if we were certain you’re not one of the “bad” ones, what else is wrong with you mentally? Because as in the case of homosexuals (a collective in which many of you tend to overlap), it’s far more than likely you’ve got some nuts and bolts missing all over that cranium of yours, from depression, bi-polar, PTSD, suicidal and/or homicidal tendencies, etc.

But Shank, isn’t it morally icky to be stirring up such vitriol for people with a harmless kink?!” No. It’s not. Lemme tell ya something, whiny, hypothetical, generic, screaming leftist in my head that adopts characteristics and traits from everybody I know. We all have secret desires. We keep the bad ones to ourselves for a reason. So that we don’t have to be social pariahs everywhere we go.

Furries are an example of degenerate Millennials and Gen-X’ers being conditioned so far off the grid of reality with this “openness and tolerance” paradigm, that they genuinely can’t tell what’s acceptable anymore. There is no discipline with these people, no shame, no humility.

(((No soul.)))

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