TL;DR — The Wall Street Journal robbed cancer kids of their donation money to fight what they thought was racism. #WSJkillskids; alternatively, #WSJfundsNazis

I rarely use hashtags, because I’m heterosexual. However, I’ll make an exception this time. The Killstream, at the time the most popular stream on YouTube, was recently permabanned in response to a controversy involving St. Jude’s and the Wall Street Journal. Ya see, everyone who donated on the stream ($27,000 worth) had their money sent to a (((holding))) company, which was to give the money after (((90 days))) to St. Jude’s, a research organization for kids with cancer.

Then an Asian, female journalist named Yoree Koh (I’m sure affirmative action plaid no role in her hiring) from the WSJ approached Ethan Ralph, the show’s creator—trying to get dirt, but failing miserably on the first line when she said, “Hi, I’m doing a project on the alt-right,” or some shit. I mean, seriously woman. You may as well have sent the “It’s a Trap!” meme at him. Anyway, Ethan blew her off and next thing you know—this woman or someone was on a crusade to silence Ralph over this. Whether by flagging his streams, contacting YouTube, or both.

The next night when Ralph addressed it, the stream was taken down out of nowhere. I was there. 😎 I sprang up out of bed to investigate this shit, knowing I had to get up early in the morning for work. Because it scared me. I was just listening, trying to doze off with the modern equivalent of a good book if you will. The Killstream is after all entertaining as shit. But at some point, there was dead silence. I figured maybe the stream was lagging, but after a while—it bugged me that no noise was coming through. So I sat up reluctantly and tried refreshing the page only to realize, the stream’s been taken down for harassment. And it was right during the part when they started talking about her. If that was “harassment”, then I can name about a thousand other Killstream videos, streams, and comment sections YouTube’s overlooked, in which far greater “harassment” has taken place. There’s clearly some fuckery afoot here.

But that’s not the part that titillates me. YouTube cucks out all the time; whatever, right? This woman kept pestering both YouTube and St. Jude’s however, trying to get them to “withdrawal their support” of this obvious, raging Neo-Nazi (Ralph), and the next day—she succeeded. All of Ralph’s channels were gone. All of them. Channels not necessarily related to Ralph’s were purged as well, such as Zidan Lanciel (one of his co-hosts).

And as Orwellian as that sounds, even that’s not the juicy part. And when I say juicy, I mean Jewcy. Remember how I said earlier that all of that cancer money wasn’t given to kids quite yet, rather transferred to a (((holding))) company. Well, after the now infamous Ralph purge, the pending donations were unceremoniously canceled. Sorry, Timmy. The Jews were too busy fighting Nazis and “racism” to get you any help for your cancer.

Now, I want to stress. Cancer is a time-consuming disease, to say the least. Every second counts with these kids and every penny. This is disgusting, no matter how you look at it. The WSJ could have donated ten times what those evil Nazis did to those kids right afterward, it still doesn’t excuse the lives they inadvertently sacrificed, when they could have prolonged them—all on the altar of being “progressive” too.

But now think of the cliental involved with the donations from that particular stream. There were people debating whether the Holocaust happened or not on there. So, the next time you see some tabloid or cancerous post from the WSJ, remember that these people: took money from kids with cancer and gave it to Nazis.

I don’t get it. Most people know the media’s full of shit and the idea of Jews owning media isn’t even disputed. Yet, they refuse to draw the connection:

Jews. Are full of shit.


But I’m not. I’m a fuckin’ whore with (((ads))) on his site.

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