White Genocide

The UN openly calls for migration of blacks, browns, and yellows into white majority nations and only such nations. If you’re the kind of person that believes in Native American genocides, which most “educated” people do, you must, therefore, believe white genocide is going on right now, otherwise, you’re being selective. Considering some natives were slaughtered yes, but most were simply miscegenated away (race-mixed/diluted) by us. Same thing with whites right now. Most of the genocide is happening by means of population and culture; but many whites are being outright slaughtered right now as you read, such as those in South Africa.

Either you agree that a white genocide is happening right now, you don’t agree that Native Americans have been through genocides (in which case, good luck winning any popularity contests), or you just hate white people. Whites are dying off. The media will laugh about it to your face, but call it a wacky right-wing conspiracy theory the very next day. And many of you will eat it up. Only to wake up one day and be slaughtered just like 60 million Orthodox Christians, men, women, children, and elderly in Mother Russia.

Then your society will crumble away as the new population tries to manage what you left behind, only to fail miserably in less than a hundred years—sending the entirety of what was once your fatherland back to the stone ages. It happened to the Aztecs, the Chinese, the Egyptians. This is on-going, and the US and Europe are currently in the cross-hairs.



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