Twitch Wife-Beating

I don’t feel bad for either of them just for the record. Only the kid. ūüėĒ

What boggles my mind the most is that he did this shit¬†live! And it’s not like he didn’t¬†realize¬†he was still streaming, like DarkSydePhil jacking off live infront of pre-teens. He kept turning his attention¬†to¬†the¬†game. I imagine he’s got a Happauge, or some other decent capture device. (just look at that¬†quality.)¬†I¬†have one of those¬†too¬†and¬†all¬†of those fuckers have some kind of¬†light¬†that changes colors, depending on if you’re recording/streaming or not.

The PVR can’t be far from his computer either. The USB cords only stretch so far. So it’s not like it’s¬†buried¬†behind other shit, or covered up with something. He¬†has¬†to be able to see it, which begs the question:

What kind of Darwin award winning, self-incriminating, world’s dumbest criminal are we¬†dealing¬†with here exactly? Did he think his fans would this¬†amusing? Not cruel and unusual? I’m several times more¬†confused¬†about this¬†stupidity¬†on his part, than enraged about the actual¬†abuse,¬†and believe me I am.

Not because this is “problematic” behavior towards women, mind you. She¬†instigated¬†that¬†clearly. But because this¬†could not¬†possibly¬†be an issue he didn’t foresee, if he has a¬†kid¬†with this woman—assuming he didn’t¬†knock¬†her ass up. And all these comments crying about, “oh, she’s¬†pregnant. That makes it so much worse!” No, it¬†doesn’t. Pregnancy is not a get out of jail free and do whatever the hell you¬†please¬†card. Woopity fuck, your baby’s gonna be born with down syndrome because you couldn’t¬†behave. Pity party? I think not. How about¬†introspection¬†for a change? Both of you.

Mainly the guy. Seeing as how he made that, “you don’t pay the bills,” comment later on in the video. Ah, you’re in the¬†driver’s¬†seat, are ya buckeroo? Mr. Alpha, I play video games for a living, and physically abuse people that are weaker than me. Well, then—you oughtta probably have¬†seen¬†from a mile away that this thot wasn’t worth your¬†troubles, huh? Probably shoulda kept her in that “four month” range, as those MGTOWs would say.

I’m assuming though, that¬†she¬†chased after¬†him¬†and he’s making¬†some¬†effort, I’m not sure where exactly—so as to¬†keep¬†her and not have to find another girl. This is called¬†cucking and I assume he does it, because no¬†man¬†contributes to¬†society—by playing video games. Yes, this is his “job”. I’m not¬†kidding. Which strengthens my theory earlier that he in no way—didn’t¬†know he wasn’t streaming. I’ll¬†bet¬†his shekel-grubbing ass¬†was. Cause the¬†last¬†thing this sad, beta simp wants to do is dig a ditch, change a tire, shingle a roof, or¬†anything¬†useful.¬†Anything¬†to make money doing essentially¬†nothing.

Everytime I see these emaciated, curly-haired faggots anywhere—I¬†always¬†assume the worst in them, and I’m never disappointed in that intuition. Because they’re all the same. Whiny, weak-willed, pathetic brocialists in public—pathologically abusive madmen in private. Gee, it would seem like bottling up your masculinity everywhere you go for the sake of being¬†likeable, leads to—outbursts, huh? Maybe it’s not a good idea to chemically castrate males at a young age, feed them soy, and teach them to respekk wamen. Cause uh—it’s not really working. Bunch of suicides, homocides, and general identity confusion going on. But hey, that’s the (((goal))), huh?


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