August Ames

What the (((Media))) Will Tell You

“Bigoted” pornstar commits suicide, hahahaha. Funny, lol, xD, lmfao.

What Actually Happened

Pornstar choose not fuck gay people, cause AIDS. California, no give AIDS felony! Whoa. It like—use brain—den draw conclusion. Wow!

Jews and other morally inept individuals bullied a pornstar on Twitter, encouraging suicide. Nice of you, “news” cunts to catch up. Some of us knew about this shit when it happened, over a year ago. I can see why it took so long though. Afterall their side is shrouded in denial.

It’s only bigotry, “racism” or whatever—when we do it apparently. But when their tribe participates in this shit, it’s aye oh kay. Suddenly all those “morals” and “principles” they have start crumbling away and the reality of their horrid, obnoxious character wrings its ugly neck.

A white man that jokingly says nigger is a total wayciss, man. But a leftist calling a based black man a coon or a house nigger is totally acceptable, because they have the right opinions, goys.

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