Why The Holocaust Lie Matters

Why does it matter if the Holocaust happened or not? Well, when one first learns of it, it doesn’t matter to them. They think nothing of it, as they should. It’s in the past and has nothing to do with them.

But this particular genocide seeps its way into our consciousness through every facet of our lives, be it education, entertainment, news, etc. This is done so that even the most cruel and callous individuals out there will still practice the religion that is Holocaust acceptance eventually. A lie told a million times eventually becomes the “truth” and people will go from accepting it beyond any form of debate, to feeling bad and living the rest of their lives in utter pathology trying to avoid it—over the course of their lives. Unless they find the antecdote.

Belief in the Holocaust is somewhat of a religion. It’s taught to us without us even realizing it. We give our money away to the church of “victims” (through taxation). Imagery of it is everywhere. To not practice it is heresy and will “otherize” you instantly, forever. More importantly, practicing it eventually turns an otherwise racially conscious and mentally healthy white person—into someone that despises their race deep down and is repulsed by any nationalist ideals, no matter how many spics are running around their neighborhoods, leaving trash everywhere. Because nobody wants to be like Hitler, a man who was on TIME’s Man of the Year, for turning poverty-stricken Germany into an economic powerhouse over the course of six years. All because he allegedly gassed some kikes.

Looking into Holocaust revisionism as one who practices this dangerous religion, will drive you temporarily mad I must warn you. For once you realize how finely-crafted this historical “record” is, and what Hitler was trying to stop, you may very way feel like one of those people jacked into the Matrix whose become self-aware. Your worldview will never be the same.

This is why it matters. That sudden clarity. All that “chaos” in the world finally coming together in your mind as a deliberate, evolutionary (((strategy))). Admit it, you’ve thrown your arms up in the air once or twice and asked, “what the hell is wrong with this world?”, only to throw them back down, sigh, and meander on with “life”, never to really tackle that question with any seriousness. Because as far as you’re concerned, it’s just simply a “mad world” out there.

But the reality is—that perfect eutopia where everyone is happy, holding hands, and singing goombayah, there’s no rape, murder, war, etc—is in fact, achievable. But reality doesn’t come without its ugly side. For in order to achieve said society, we must all put in our fair share of effort and there exists a people out there that inherently resist contributing anything to society. In fact, such people cannot exist without societal conflict, from which to leech off the host population and offer their “services”, whether that’s defending them in court over some stupid shit, fixing their teeth cause they drank too much Mountain Dew, which another one of their people made. Their very presence is the reason for quite frankly all disarray and conflict among the human species.

These people don’t have, nor do they want soil and land for themselves with which to produce innovations for society, like any other race has and prefer‘s. Their business is purely international and abstract as can be. It matters not where they do it; so long as it bleeds the nation dry ultimately to benefit “Israel”. They sit back while everyone does shit for them and lend a “helping” hand when shit cohencidentally goes south.

An eternal camp, as Hitler put it, for an eternal struggle. That struggle being; we wanna live free and prosper as people, but we don’t wanna commit mass-murder. We’re not sand people. Most of us loathe to swat flies, for fuck sake.



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