The Paradox of Intolerance


Gosh, the world sucks, man. It’s like, life is so simple, right? Ya go to work, come home, eat three meals, take one good shit, and fall asleep, to quote George Carlin. You’d think most people could accomplish this fairly well, right? So why the chaos? Why do we live in a world of unrest? Why can’t Africa get its shit together? Why does America keep borrowing money it’s never going to pay back? And why are whites being hated viscerally lately, by the media, politicians, interest groups, professors, and even some of your closest friends probably?

Great questions indeed; now, you have two options. You can either take the blue pill and stop reading this. After all, you’ve already figured out this isn’t your “typical” blog post. If you wanted something “intellectually stimulating”, you came to the wrong place. That’s not to say I didn’t come loaded with facts. But this site is entirely ideological; make no mistake. So you can either stop reading now and go back to living your “life” and never truly uncovering the meat and bones of these “complex” issues, or you can continue onto the next sections and learn the answer to all of these questions.

Yes, answer. Singular. Not only is the answer that simple, but the issues themselves aren’t all that complicated when you get down to it and really examine both the phenomena and their root causes. 

Be forewarned though; your worldview will never be the same. Losing this current, postmodern, globalist mindset, assuming of course you, the reader, are part of that paradigm, is like losing your virginity. You might wish later down the line you hadn’t given it up, or at least went about it differently. But there won’t be any rectifying it. You’ll simply have to live as the new you. 

If you feel “dead inside” now, zombying your way through life, selling your soul to monolithic corporations; just you wait. The material enclosed going forward cannot be plaid with. It is information best served to one young. To inform someone of this stuff in their 20’s and beyond is a legitimate, mental danger. School shooters are one of many consequences waiting to happen due to poor dessimination of this content.

And mind you, I am not claiming to have figured out how to put this all into the best, most thorough, and unbiased package, if you will. I am simply giving my take of an issue that is going on right now, based on real-world experience, hard-data, and I’m not gonna lie—lots of “revisionist” history.

So what is “revisionism”? If you ask most of your contemparies (again, hereafter “you” is a non-revisionist, regardless of whose reading, so bare with me here), you’ll probably get the typically lazy answer of, “bullshit,” or “it’s what Nazis believe.” 

However, revisionism is simply one of many steps in science. It happens after the testing part, particularly if the results of said test contradict the hypothesis. We go back and we fix our mistake. Revisionism, whether in the sciences, the arts, and yes—even history, happens on a regular basis. It’s nothing new. In fact, modern science would not be as “advanced” as we percieve it to be today, had it not been for our humble willingness to go back and correct errors. 

So what’s being revised in particular that makes the word revisionism so tainted? Well, this is where we must finally jump straight into it and stop beating around the bush. It is time to ask and answer the “real” questions. If you are strong enough to bare through, it will make sense in the end. But regardless of your sensibilities, everything you’re about to read will be ugly. I truly wish, with all of my heart, that there were a way to make it not sound terrible. But there just simply isn’t.



Throughout society, man has produced a plethora of unique civilizations, each with their own characteristic contributions to modernity. Man is, simply put, the great ape, sitting down, introspecting, and wondering how it can make the environment better for itself and its tribe, rather than simply reacting to it viscerly.

Blacks were, of course the first of these modern apes, humans. They are of course, still around today and are well-known for their generally low IQ scores (usually 70 or below), propsensity for violent and petty criminal behavior, poverty-ridden communities, single mothers, and gang culture. They are also well known however for their charisma, natural muscle definition, the massive size of their sex organs, and their desire to eat chicken and watermelon.

Now, think for a moment. Take all the disgruntled blacks in society today (all those who have been dealt an “unfair hand” by society), strip them naked, throw them back in time, into proto-human days, and imagine them surviving in the Savannah, hunting for food? Is it that unrealistic? If you’re being honest with yourself, it probably isn’t. They have the genes for it, after all. Everything I just covered. The gang culture (tribalism), the single mothers (dad gets killed hunting food), petty crime (smash and grab, kill or be killed), mostly black Olympic runners (running from predators and hunting in the desert); starting to click yet? They’re not supposed to have high IQ scores. And there lies the crux of race relations and the key to understanding its “complexity”. 

Blacks are not “inferior”, nor are whites “superior”. They are just simply different types of humans. Genetically designed for different environments, due to overall advancements in the species. Even blacks, compared to great apes (our taxonimal ancestors), are “white” in the sense that they are one step closer to “civilized” life. Blacks were naturally imbued with genes that made them more suited to survive in the environments, in which great apes couldn’t. It was a necessity. 

As they migrated outward, they got lighter and lighter, producing more breakthrough advancements in society with each racial step. And I know I have an obvious bias here being a white man myself, but in my honest opinion which I base mostly off of observable data—the pinnacle of these breakthroughs is when Asians migrated to the Caucaus mountains, where it was constantly overcast (thus mostly free from the sun), pretty high up obviously, and thus also naturally gated. Essentially the perfect spot for Asians, wise as they were and still are—to sit and contemplate about things for awhile, free for the most part from predators and territorial conflict.

This led to things like democracy, philosophy, architecture, the arts, and other greater common goals for humanity. Instead of wanting to live life to the fullest in absolute hedonism, because they knew it would be short, this new race wanted to sacrifice their time on this planet for others. They did things not because they enjoyed them (in stark contrast to the Jew), but because they knew generations down the line that their children would greatly appreciate their efforts and would hopefully be inspired to do even greater things.

Again, that’s certainly not to derail the contributions and efforts of other races. Obviously, had it not been for these other races, we would not be here. But now that we are here, most races are finding it less necessary nowadays to fight for their very existence. I’m just saying. We’re kind of a big deal. I mean, you can slaughter us off and experience the hell hole that was life tens of thousands of years ago when we weren’t around—if you don’t believe me. 

But I think it’d be in the interests of all non-whites that genuinely love their race (even supremacists), to embrace white supremacy—specifically national socialism. For we are the only race (our track record speaks for itself) to produce societies where races are left alone with the tools necessary to thrive, self-actualize, produce helpful innovations for society, and hopefully bring said inventions back to their homelands. If you want societies done right, ya gotta do ‘em white.

There is a tendency for people to minimize this kind of thinking as racist and bigoted. They’ll say, “so basically, blacks kill and fuck, reds make stone tools, yellows write and make gunpowder, and whites made ethics?” And it of course sounds absurd when one puts it that way, but that is essentially the jist of it, yea. As I said earlier, every race has its own environmentally driven, genetically unique purpose. 

Blacks “act black” because not acting black would not have led to survival of the species when the world was inhabited by blacks. They encountered predators regularly, harsh weather, and tribalistic conflict everywhere they went. You’re goddamned right they are genetically driven for that kind of behavior. It’s in their nature. A black man will likely be of comfort to a white man in the jungle. Likewise, a white man can be of assistance when helping blacks to assimilate them into Western society whether through being their lawyer, doing their taxes, inviting them to Church, etc. and these aren’t acts of “condescension”. We do it out of love. And the only kinds of people who would tell you that we do it out of “hatred” are either strongly mislead, or dirty kikes.


What is a Jew? If you’re thinking it’s a member of a certain religion, you’re partially right. You would be correct if you answered as such for, “what is a Christian” as well. But again, only partially right. Seeing as how yes, anybody can in fact practice these faiths of their own volition. However, most people who do practice them tend to fall in one racial and ethnic category or another. In the case of Christianity, we see that it’s a religion practiced mostly be whites, which is no surprise, given that whites have a researchable and frankly visibile genetic proclivity and cultural predisposition to altruism and global cooperation (values preached vehemently in Christian Holy texts). 

From here, we can see that Christianity in a sense—while it may not be a race, is certainly part of the white race. A black man, for instance—who practices Christianity—will likely live his life the way a white man would. He might even have “mixed” kids with a white woman, who will have even whiter kids, and so on—until what’s genetically useless in the context of building future societies using Christianity as a foundational guide (their “blackness”) is naturally ridden out of him, and not through any overly “genocidal” means, as you can see. It was entirely voluntary, which is a phenomenon worth considering in the context of “Native American genocides”, as well as many others, given that whites generally aren’t known for killing people—especially in mass. 

Now, if Christianity is for all intents and purposes a “white man’s” religion, then from what racial group do Jews hail from? The answer is quite simple. When Jews assert that they are a race, they are not bullshitting you. They are in fact, a race and that race is mostly Arabic. Sephardic Jews (the “real” ones, which today make up about 10% of Jews) come from North Africa. And despite the lack of real-world influence today, their role in the creation of the modern world cannot be downplaid. 

For they epitomize, in culture, the very antithesis of Christianity, a religion based on rejection of the ego, in sacrifice of greater, common goals. Instead, they take the seven deadly sins, crank the dial up to max on all of them, and spread their influence around relentlessly until everyone else does it. They want a world based on tribalism; a premitive world, one we’ve already lived in for hundreds of thousands of years. 

Hereafter, I will refer to such behavior (that which encapsulates best what it means not to be Christian) as degeneracy, and its adherents of course as degenerates. And not to be mean. Jews themselves will tell you openly that the ultimate, fixed goal of Jews as a group is to undermine all of Western society. They can’t survive in market economies, meritocracies (an essential feature of white civilization); so they need to advocate for systems that instead release the shackles on regulation (anarchy), or tighten it to milk the society for all of its resources (communism).

Now, you might be thinking so far. “So they’re weirdos. Who cares? Just let the Jews be, quit bothering them.” And we did. Because in all honesty, “true” Jews (the Sephardics), which were/are fully Arabic by the way—have a genetic inferiority in white society. Thus, they have no means of affecting it very deeply. This isn’t to downplay of course the fact that whites (the true heirs to white society, of course), came from yellows, which came from reds, which came from blacks. The racially hiearchial, sociology model does not necessarily mean, “whites are the best. Eliminate all the non-whites. Whose gonna miss em?” It’s relative.

For instance, if we take an intelligent, healthy, white man and stick him in Ethiopia, he’s not going to be able to contribute much to that society, or survive for himself probably, no matter how hard he tries, because he’s simply not those people and not of that land. Likewise, having blacks, reds, and yellows in a white society, is not only redundant and parasitic, but a travesty for the deviants as well. They should be with their people, in their countries. But then again, this is another one of those issues like America consistently borrowing an infinite supply of fake money.

There’s a reason blacks, reds, and yellows flock out of their countries and into our’s. And if one asks, “is it natural”, the correct response is, “yes and no”. For you see, mass immigration is in fact a natural phenomenon. All human behavior is. However, mass immigration is a Jewish evolutionary strategy and the non-Jewish populations involved are dancing puppets essentially. 

You see, the Jews cause unrest among their minority brethren. They do this through the purchase of central banks (which are essentially the nerve center of a nation, from which all of its institutions get their money and the money itself derives its fixed value). They then simply fund and don’t fund whoever they wish and watch as the non-white nations fall into disarray. 

Using exactly the same financial manipulation on nations of European descent, they then simply leave our nations alone, and I mean that very loosely of course. Because it’s certainly not a joke what these people have been doing, are doing, and intend to do to our nations, but in comparison to what goes on countries like Somalia and Yemen, I’d say we’re getting the fairer treatment. And that’s not just because there’s Jews living here, mostly in wealthy, gated communities that their international cabal wishes to protect. 

It’s mainly because they want the minorities in their highly corrupt homelands to flock to these other countries that from the looks of it, don’t have it as rough. Even though the very same people responsible for the depravity in Tanzania, Zimbabwe, and Afghanistan, call essentially all of the shots in the US, Canada, and every other country in the world in which its central bank is owned by the Rothschilds, the wealthiest family in the world, whose accumulated, hoarded assets are generously estimated to be over half of the world’s real gold and silver.



Now, most minorities don’t know this (at least, they don’t recognize it as a group), but the Jews are using them to get rid of us. This is done of course through a variety of means. One is, as I explained earlier, race-mixing, a cultural travesty on both parties involved. Another is through illiciting in the youth through education and every other facet of their life, the deliberate and overt hatred of white men and Christians. This causes the youth to retreat within themselves, become hermits, and ultimately die alone, which in the case of whites is exactly what they want. Nevermind, if it causes a similar phenomenon in minorities, who grow up thinking, “well, whitey owns everything and he won’t let me have anything, so fuck the system. I’m gonna sell some drugs.” The Jews couldn’t care less about the suicides. They’re just hoping some black kids will go crazy enough to shoot up a Church. 

Similarily, they hope for whitey to bend over and accept having been responsible supposedly for all of the ills in the world, and this is where we get to the Jew’s most prominent, unconscious feature. Projection. Nearly everything they accuse whites of, especially the absolutely sensational stuff, like that all whites are racist, is something that describes them. It actually blows my mind reading some of the macabre ways in which they describe us, the “gentiles” in their holy texts such as the Talmud and the Torah. How they call us “unclean”, “ape-like”, degenerate essentially. 

Because I’m reading it, right? And the whole fucking time, I’m just thinking, “wow, that’s exactly what we think of you guys!”  

Why do they hate us so much? Well, for exactly the same reasons that we Christians and other “white”-minded people, despise them. They are our opposites and we are their’s. A Jew is fundamentally, at its core, not even a person, really. He exists purely to undermine white society (which gave everyone the oppurtunity to explore themselves as people, and not be disposable tools of nature’s ruthless system) and ultimately to exterminate whites (the true chosen race, as put in various contexts by ancient societies throughout history; most notably, “the white gods” as referred to by the Aztecs.).

First, they corrupt the peoples, then breed and/or slaughter them out of existence. Then they move onto the next society. Because of course, it takes strong Christian values (and white people) to produce and keep white societies running effeciently, or at all really. So, no matter how hard they try—they will inevitably bleed the nation dry, once we’re all gone, and they will find another sucker. Except there won’t be one. Whites are the only race naive enough to let these parasites into their nations. Our greatest strength as a race, is also tragically—our greatest weakness. So, if one wishes to go black pilled, there’s still a silverlining, in that:

Jews will inevitably kill themselves off after they kill us off (which obviously isn’t preferable). As a result, nations will naturally start building and “being great” again, so-to-speak. The Asians in particular will likely migrate (some of them anyway) back up into the Caucasus, as history has shown them to do before. In a way, I like to think—we’re immortal. That the spirit of white people and the desire to be white and to make humanity white, is in all of us as humans. 


The Jews however, are an accident. The result of good men with values standing by as other men raped those values infront of them. Had miscegeneation (which is essentially bestiality if you think about it; a house cat doesn’t mate with a tiger for instance) not been held up as a core value, or at least forgiveable in the eyes of idol-worshipping cynics, who should have been following the Bible, then Sephardic Jews (which as I said earlier, had and still have today no real-world power at all) would never have given birth in Khazaria circa 757 AD, (now Turkey) to the bastard, half-“white”, Arabic monstrosity that is the Ashkenazism. 

These are what constitute most of today’s Jews and you will be told countless times by nay-sayers that these are the fake-Jews. This is bogus. Miscegenation, just like mass immigration, is yet another evolutionary strategy for the Jews. Everything they do to survive as a people, if you’re generous enough to call them that, necessitates conflict and degeneracy. Where most people, whether black, white, yellow, or red contribute to society through blood, sweat, tears, and innovation, the Jew inherently resists contributing to gentile societies—opting instead to soe discord among his host population, from which he can then profit from usury and swindling. 

Jews, in terms of race, can be and for the most part are ethnically, whatever they need to be. In Africa, they are African. In India, they are Indian. And so on. But to most people, regardless of how open Jews are about being a goddamned race, Jews aren’t a race. They’re merely a religion, which to people egotistical enough to believe in free will, makes their behavior more forgivable, even if they are responsible for the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, in which 60 million Orthodox Christian men, women, and children were ruthlessly executed by their own goverment in ways that would make the Mexican drug cartel shit themselves. 

This isn’t “white” behavior. And anyone dumb anyone to believe that doesn’t use their eyeballs. Every society in which Jews gain significant control and influence (aka. Basically every country in the world right now), the society will necessarily become niggerized. People will excercize civil discourse with sticks and stones. Music and art will be repetitive, watered-down, corporate bullshit with redundant messages from out-of-touch, rich, up-tight, business executives. And education might as well be synonymous with government-mandated indoctrination, because that’s exactly what the fuck it is. 



Now, all of the horrorifying ways in which I’ve described Jewish evolutionary strategy (and mind you, I haven’t even scratched the surface), can best be seen and in fact, there’s no better, more historically recent, and tragic example of Jewish influence draining the pure life out of nation—than Weimar Germany, where in the absolute absense of God, children were literally selling themselves to men for sex, being ordered and sent to their houses like take-out meals. As were their mothers usually. The family, thanks largely to feminism, was pretty much obliterated. 

If you think things are bad in the West now, you can’t even imagine what the Germans were going through before and well after World War I, which contrary to popular belief wasn’t “their” war. It wasn’t anybody’s war. There were some puppets, sure. There were angry, rowdy people who said, “yea, we’re doing this shit, man. We don’t care. Ooh, so edgy.” But we all know goddamned well who the puppet masters are. The sneaky, Yamaka-wearing slimeballs meticulously pre-planning every major tragedy through finance, since the French Revolution. 

While Hitler was patching things up in Germany under the Third Reich, FDR was capitalizing off of the institution of America’s third and most recent central bank (a special one, which unlike the previous two, renews its charter indefinitely), and setting into motion the Social Security era. Jews that were getting the hell up out of Germany (and rightfully so) were flocking straight into the naive, welcoming arms of the Jewnited States of Kikemurica. 

Germany, in the span of six years, had gone from being a poverty-stricken, destitute hellhole, to an awe-inspiring, world superpower. And it all began in 1933 with the nearly unanimous, democratic election of Adolf Hitler, was kicked off with the advent of the Reich Citizenship Law, which restricted voting to white, German men of good character, and was officially recognized, no longer being mocked and made fun by their globalist adversaries, but now being feared—by 1936, as Germany’s economy and army had come to usurp every other in the world by a vast margin. 

Hitler realized that democracy only works when the demographics are cohesive. And for that, the peoples need only have racial homogeny. Because most differentials in human behavior are greatest among not sex, nationality, religion, veteran status, age, or any of that shit—but race. In a world where race can be made “not to matter”, conflict will necessarily ensue, and there’s only one group of people that benefits.

All Hitler did essentially was point the central banking priority in the direction of the German people, instead of (((outside sources))).

Hitler did to the Jew what every honorable white man that loves his people should. He treated them kindly, humanely, and with respect and decency. He did not have Jews readily rounded up and slaughtered, unlike the (((Bolsheviks))) who did something to that affect to a host of populations, particularly Poles and Germans. He reduced their political power in a nation that didn’t belong to them in the first place, and increased the power of his own people, the actual inhereters of his Fatherland. 

Many Jews left Germany long before “shit got real”. And most weren’t indignant of the imposition. For most had oppurtunities poking their heads out at them from America. Allister Crowley, for instance—had aspirations of heading West before WWI even broke out. 


The camps of Germany were like child’s play. Yes, they were indeed internment camps, just like those used by America to ruthlessly intern Japanese, Italians, and Germans during WWII. Except unlike those camps whose interior told a different story as to what their true intent was (guards pointing guns in the camps, at the prisoners, for example), Hitler’s camps stressed the importance of treating the Jew humanely.

Orchestras, soccer teams, maternity wards, cafterias, swimming pools, currency, medical facilities, etc. There were many facets of our everyday life that the Jews had regular access to, from within the camps. Many Jews, if they’re being honest with themselves—were probably very reluctant to leave these camps and return to life outside of them, getting by through some other means. 

Which brings us to the utter geniusness of Hitler’s camps. It’s an eternal camp, for an eternal struggle. That struggle of course being that, the only thing whites hate more than Jews is killing people. So instead of killing them all outright, he did what every white man whose ever come across a disgruntled peoples does. He extended out his altruistic hand and fed them, communist-style. If you take a critical look at the miniature societies being engineered by Hitler in these camps, you’ll notice many similarities between the structure, hiearchy, and distribution of resources within said camps—and typical communist societies, when they first begin. Which is likely why Jews, who largely perpatrated the Bolshevik Revolution (communism), didn’t have much of a destain in their hearts for these places. 

Nobody owned anything, nobody was “privileged”, nobody mistreated Jews through blatant antisemitic attacks and rhetoric, and in the rare events that did happen, Hitler had the facultly responsible unceremoniously fired and often executed.

Many will cite the night of Krystalnacht as having been an unmistakable example of German men of good character all banding together to commit violent and vicous acts. But I have three things to see about that. 1) All they did was break Jewish property (which, albeit to a Jew, is actually fairly painful, for they attain most of their “happiness” in life through material). They didn’t attack any Jews, though many had the oppurtunity and probably wanted to. 2) This was an entirely racial phenomenon. It was not sanctioned in any way by the state. And as soon as they found out about it, they pulled the reigns on Germans immediately. 3) And this is the most damning of these points. Germany was relentlessly agitated into this “violence” by communist and more often than not, Jewish aggressors.

Why were their camps outside of Germany and why was the German military overseeing these institutions? Was Germany ruthlessly conquering all of Europe? Or were fellow European nations so distraught over gore-filled, Bolshevisk blood-baths, that they allowed and in fact encouraged Hitler to bring these camps into their countries? Is it that hard to believe? With everything you’ve learned thus far about the Germans and whites in general, with their genetically driven altruistic ways (which I’m assuming fairly jives well with your experience in the real world), do you really still believe those lies that your sixth grade, history teacher told you? That people responsible for quite literally creating all of civilization and its Western, enlightenment glory, who freed the slaves, gave you free speech and all of that neatness, are also mass-murdering psychopaths?

The camps were a solution for all of us. The solution to a growing number of communist thinkers and radical, political movements that sought to undermine the foundation and roots of Western morality and tradition, kind of like the very (((people))) that began said movements. Now, step back and look at how much these “leftists” have accomplished since WWII. Look how much Christianity is hated now and how cucked white people are. Do you still think we “won” that war? More importantly, was Hitler really all that bad after all?

Of course not. Hitler was more than a good man. He was a great man. He understood this problem better than any human being in recent history. Many would say he was the second coming of Christ, and while I think that may be a tad exaggeratory, I certainly can understand the enthusiasm for that statement.



Communists, which for the most part have been, still are, and probably will continue to be for quite some time, mostly Jews, are the way that they are, because communism is the manifestion of max-leftism. And both the left and the right are fundamentally two sides of the same, exact coin. Engineered for two purposes. 1) To divide and conquer the “filthy goyim”. And 2) To culturally brainwash Western workers into paying for Israel. 

Whether it’s a communist who wants all the regulation in the world, or an anarchist who wants none at all—both people are ideological degenerates, who don’t understand race, politics, nature, and overall, reality. Societies ruled by either are inherently unstabile, because such degenerates are only looking out for themselves in said societies. Thus the society will naturally spread itself out like a virus, consuming everything in its path to feed itself and stay alive just a little bit longer. They are inherently unstabile systems of government.



As I said before, going down this “rabbithole” is intense, to put it lightly. At first, one thinks that America ended in the 90’s with the Internet, giving way to highly insular groups like homosexuals collaborating together and sharing ideas. Then, they get into the “sex” question and they think feminism is at the heart of it, for a while. Or at least “third wave” feminism. 

Then, they come to target an entirely different issue of the 60’s. Race. The Civil Rights Act. Only to eventually discover the root cause of the race “issue”: economics. But when did these economic issues begin? Was it in 1913 with the Federal Reserve Act? Was it in 1865 with the civil war, another economically engineered ruse? Was in 1791 with the advent of the very first central bank, a mere fifteen years after the ethnocentric founding of our nation?

Gee, I can think of another nation that rose up, seemingly out of nowhere, became a world powerhouse in a short time, only to have the boot of the global, banking industry clamping down on their faces within roughly the same amount of time too (12 years). National Socialist Germany.

America is indeed a nation whites made for themselves, with the help and permission of the natives that inhabited the land before us, which is why Americans tend to have admixture with Red people (injuns). Most in the “Native American genocides” went peacefully (through miscegenation). Soldiers, generals, and others that were caught actually oppressing the natives, like SS soldiers and officers—were duely investigated and punished. 

America was a promise land. It was this bastion of freedom everyone claims it to be today. For about fifteen years. But the (((money handlers))) got to us, as they do with every other daring nation that seeks to free themselves and be independent. America wasn’t “escaping” the British, our own brethren, contrary to popular belief. The British were being oppressed every bit as much by the money-handlers as the colonialists.

Where did we go wrong? Is there an “end” to this rabbithole? Quite frankly, no. War is inevitable. We can find human conflict going back farther than before Jews existed. But that conflict was carried out mostly by non-whites. Once again, we find race worth considering. Tribalism and warfare pretty much seized to be a global problem with white supremacy. Particularly with the rise of the Roman Empire. 

What we currently live in is a white world that is about 80% finished with its transformation into a Jewish one (and all that means essentially is that we’re regressing as a society, not progressing—towards “max” degeneracy, if you will). I leave 20% because it is clear that some opposing forces are being dealt with far more resources than should be considered ethical. Just look at Andrew Anglin. For as far back as humans have existed, and this will continue to be the case—the races have always experienced in-fighting. Group anomalies that cause division. In the case of Europeans, the Ashkenazism wields the most power and clear willingness to use it—to soe discord among their supposed brethren and profit directly from the chaos. 

In a black world ruled by black people, there would be proportionately few, but great enough blacks resisting said control, that an opposition force would necessarily spawn and need to be dealt with by the blacks that run the society. It’s not because they are savages. It’s because some of them are savages, who quite frankly—don’t wish to contribute much to society.

You can observe this phenomenon with any race. Even Asians, wise as they are, have tons of infighting. So much so that one might say, they have less racial cohesion than their Caucasus descendants, and thus can’t accomplish as much as them. The reason whites can get along with everyone of other races so easily, is because we see people of other races as our ancestors, whereas many of them have the tendency to percieve us—as a spitting image of them.

And do I blame them for feeling that animosity towards us? No. Because I can picture another race of humanity spawning out of white people, whose characteristics will probably include that which is good about their white ancestors, but also excluding the evolutionarily, useless aspects of them. That’ll probably happen in fact and when it does, whites aren’t going to take it lightly. They will become every bit as indignant and niggerized towards that new race, as all other races are towards them. Animosity towards whites on the part of non-whites is natural and there’s nothing anyone can do to change that. It is simply a fact.

Why do you think Asians can get along with other non-whites, but not whites usually? Why do you think that despite Asians generally loving darker non-whites, they often fail to reciprocate that love? And why do you think—and I know you’ve asked yourself this once, if there’s a brain in your head—why can blacks barely get along with anyone? It all goes back to racial hiearchy. 

Blacks are on the bottom of this hiearchy, not to sound cruel—but it’s true. As such, they generally feel that the first race to go extinct one day will be them. Seeing as how humanity’s great ape ancestors aren’t around anymore. Every race experiences this feeling when a new race comes out of them and takes the wheel of society. 

Whites are on the top of this hiearchy, clearly. They are the latest edition of humanity. And like all latest versions of something like an iOS update—yes, for all intents and purposes, it is “superior”—for now. But soon, it won’t be. It will be obsolete and it will kick and scream for its very existence. Nobody wants to be forgotten, ignored, or to disappear.



So, if its still any wonder now, as to why I hate the Jews, one must look towards their typical, Starbucks-sipping, stoner “prolateriat”-wannabe. Their modern peers and “colleagues” and ask themselves critically, “why do these people, who in most circumstances come off as nice, kind, and friendly individuals—hate white people so much? In fact, why do they literally believe that racism against whites ‘doesn’t count’? Is that not the textbook defintion of racism? When one is so convinced that a certain group is ‘the enemy’, that they begin to see them as separate from humanity?”

And the answer is, yes. These obsessively multicultural, diversity-lovers—are every bit as “racist”, bigoted, xenophobic, etc.—as their “far-right” counterparts, such as myself. True love of humanity (which we all instinctively have) necessitates intolerance towards one group or another. That’s the paradox of intolerance and the tragic fact which paralyzes the worldview of even your most pretentious leftist, who deep down wants to believe that we can all just “get along” as a species, when history, logic, and nature screams otherwise.

There can be no compromise in these beliefs. To regress back into a worldview based on white guilt, is to necessarily lend way towards Jewish supremacy. If you don’t stand up for your extended family (race), Jews that control this world we live in—will and it will be pretty for no one. If you don’t hold the Jew up as the monster that he is, along with the rest of your brothers and sisters—Jews will hold you and your children up as having been that same boogeyman. Soon enough, people will come to slaughter your kind for the Jew and there won’t be enough of your kind around anymore, for there to be a redress of grievances. Just look at South Africa.

In terms of “manifest bigotry”, an antisemite is fundamentally no different than a feminist. If you ask them both who and what they love and hate, you’re likely to get vastly different answers. If you ask them what their ideologies are about however and ask them to sum it up, quickly and simply as possible, they’ll both probably tell you something like, “it’s about equality.” Furthermore, what they say is true. Antisemitism is indeed, a virus. 

You catch it from Jews.



  • Mein Kampf
  • The Culture of Critique series
  • The Flipside of Feminism: What Conservative Women Know and Men Can’t Say
  • The Bell Curve
  • Higher Superstition
  • Free Will by Sam Harris
  • Germar Rudolf’s Collection

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