kek – Another way to type “lol” that was meant to distinguish between who was a normie and who was not. Unfortunately, they found it and co-opted it into watered-down, newfag, 9gag tier memehood. Terms that have shared a similar fate include: desu, lul, lmfao, and even lol itself. The Internet used to only be used by nerds because it took nerds to use it. But with more and more people gaining access to it, more and more memes get hi-jacked every day.

Pepe the Frog – The SPLC would have you believe that this is a cartoon frog meant to symbolize, somehow—“white supremacy”. What it’s actually meant to symbolize all of the normies out there that never realize they’re being oppressed until it’s too late—like a frog slowly being boiled alive.

oldfag/newfag – A fag is anyone that uses imageboards regularly, whether for lurking, shitposting, pirating memes, or whatever. An oldfag is someone who has done it long enough to see the boards change, drastically—to the point where they’ve been alienated from the new, modern audience of those same boards (which would be the newfags).

(((echoes))) – When you see that anything is written or typed in three parentheses, it’s a way of alluding to Jewish supremacy, without explicitly mentioning it—which developed in much of Europe due to (((hate speech))) legislation.

Woke/based/red-pilled – A state of unrelenting clarity one finds themselves in after finding about the international banking system.

normie/NPC – Someone who lacks the aforementioned clarity and lives life as they are expected to by society, despite the obvious misery it puts them in.

This generation – the group of children currently growing up (ages 4-22).

  • Boomers – people born between 1964-1982.
  • Millenials – 1982-2000
  • Gen-Xers – 2000-2018
  • Zoomers – 2018-ongoing

Diverse/multicultural/inclusive/tolerant/anti-racist – anti-white

Alt-right – national socialist. They are synonyms.

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