My Perspectives

9/11  – Was an (((inside))) job.

Abortion – See Eugenics.

Asians – Are overrated. They’re “smart”, sure. But “honor” holds them back from racial cohesion and thus they have achieved far less as a peoples than their cooler-climate counterparts, Caucasians (white people), who generally put their petty differences aside. Ask a Japanese what they think of a Chinese, or a Korean what they think of Thai people. You’re likely to get negative answers back.

the Big Bang Theory – First there was nothing and then—randomly, out of nowhere, for no reason at all—there exploded everything. Boy, that sounds very (((((((((((((((((((((believable))))))))))))))))))))).

Black People – Need to be with their own kind. They live different lives, produce different societies, and envision an overall different world than whites do. It’s utter foolishness to think we could ever live “together”. We’re polar opposites.

Christianity – Is the official religion of white people and for good reason. The seven deadly sins keep us in check. Every man has his vice though; afterall, they do come in handy when trying to occassionally fend off some (((invaders))). Machiavelli knew that. You can remember them using PLEWGGS as a pneumonic. Pride (egotism), Lust (promiscuity), Envy (entitlement), Wrath (violence), Gluttony (indulgence), Greed (ungratefulness), and Sloth (laziness). You don’t have to go out of your way not to commit these sins by the way. Just pride—and the rest will follow naturally. It’s a requisit to all other forms of sin, which a Jew would called “normal human behavior”. It’s not. It’s old human behavior. Pre-civilized behavior.

Circumcision/Clitorechtomies – Doi, I thank ess totallay normal to chop awf mah babay’s widdle genital skin, cuz dah docurd dun tolt may dat uh—dey mite gat an infakshun. And I’m a pediactrical nurse thingy person, so I agray with mistah doctaur. I voted fer OhBAHma. I gots all dah rite opunions, hyult hyult.

Communism – Almost rivals malaria, in terms of body count. To sympathize towards the communist worldview, or think communism just “hasn’t been done right yet”, is to be a garbage human, worthy of death. Plain and simple. Hey, did you know that Jews invented communism and most communists, especially during WWII were and still are Jews (80-90%)?

Conspiracies – They happen. 🙄 I’m sorry some of you lack the capacity to understand that. That sometimes, quite often actually, people get together and plan, um—crimes and subterfouge. Yes apparently, bad people with money use money to do bad things for—*gulp* business ventures. I know it’s hard to grasp. But, just—try.

Country Music – Is gay. It’s canvas music to me. It sounds like what music would be like, if a robot made it. Nearly every other genre, no matter how fringe, derives from it. So to hear it, to me, is like hearing unfinished music. I know. Some hillbilly am.

Draft Dodging – In a national socialist society, draft dodging is unacceptable. If Jews run your nation though, then you’re stupid if you don’t resist the draft.

Eugenics – Nothing is more important than racial homogeny in a nation and as such, anything seen traditionally as “immoral”, if applicable as a last resort, is temporarily permissable in order to achieve this.

Feminism – Is a refuge for women who fail to be women and instead grow up to be fat, bitter, childless lesbians that practice witchcraft. And I mean, all of feminism (not just third-wave). Women’s suffrage was a critical lapse in judgement for us, as far as “civil rights” go.

Gay People – Should be treated like people with down syndrome. In that, we should treat them humanely; but not propagate their afflictions into society. Nobody wants to have down syndrome. Likewise, no reasonably sane person wants to be gay—for its more often than not, the result of a plethora of other unfortunate, mental conditions in combination. Gays are sexually useless for humanity; thus an anomaly that should be purged, not spread.

God – I believe in God because there’s just simply no way someone or something didn’t set the universe in motion. I don’t care if it was by accident or intentional. Nothing happens for no reason, which is exactly what the (((Big Bang Theory))) would have you believe. The universe isn’t exempt from the law of cause and effect. These people who say, “well, ‘our rules’ don’t apply to a universe before it’s made”, are so stupid. They don’t realize that Christians have that same justification for believing in God. He exists outside of nature. 

Friedrich Nietzsche – Was a woke ass nigga.

Free Speech – No one, least of all me, is in favor of “free” speech. Everyone has something that “triggers” them, like saying their SSN outloud. That’s a pretty universal no-no. I loathe to take people seriously nowadays when they treat “free speech” like some long, lost virtue of the West—when it’s in fact, never been such a feature of our’s.

Hitler – Okay, ya caught me. I am straight. But I do have one mancrush. ❤️

the Holocaust – While I don’t deny the victims of WWII in Germany and their descendants their due respect, I am a hundred percent certain they weren’t “purged” by the Germans, nor were plans to do so ever concocted. I believe the key to “red pilling” most people is to simply shed some light on this fact.

the Humanities – Shits out papers that 80% of the time are never cited once and thus without entertaining that the material is vapidly misguided, misandric, and anti-white—is objectively, fucking useless. Sorry overweight, “white” girls looking for a “real man” at Starbucks.

Immigration – I believe in immigration on a microscale, wherein one or a small group of people migrate to a nation that is culturally and racially similar to them. However, mass immigration is a Jewish strategy for survival (coupled with racially ‘relative’ education) and I’m vehemently against it.

the Internet – Is undoubtably the biggest contribution to society in the last century. Mostly because it’s allowed people from all across the world to communicate with one another and share unlimited information.

Judaism – Is the source of all evil. It is primal, egocentric, proto humanity packaged into an ideology. All ego-gratifying ideologies like satanism are its trojan horses. Remember the seven deadly sins and how I said every man has his vice? Well, most men can keep about three or four virtues to counterbalance themselves. Even blacks, genetically premitive as they are, don’t seem to fall head over heels for all sins. There is one people that do however and they make it look easy. Jews. Whites on the other hand make the opposite look natural, which is why we hate each other. It is the natural order of things.

Ku Klux Klan – C O N T R O L L E D  O P  (see Slavery)

Marijuana – Talk about a law that does the exact opposite of what it should. It should be illegal not to be high in public. People who hate it should be forced to consume it in large enough quantities until they inevitably grow to appreciate it. Fuck their negativity. There’s nothing wrong with marijuana consumption at all and anyone who tries to tell you otherwise has an axe to grind. Humans smoke this stuff instinctively; we’re returning the favor to plant life in God’s life cycle. They take in the carbon we spew out when we breathe, and become better plants. More than plant, if you will. We smoke the stuff (if you’re not a pussy anyway) and use it for its THC to achieve in essence, the same fucking thing. We are beyond human, when we are high. That’s why it’s called being high. It’s not the same as being intoxicated.

Marxism – If it were up to me, teaching it in a classroom, even subtly, would be punishable by death and discussing it in public would be jailable.

MGTOW (((Yes, don’t reproduce, goy. Tell those evil wamen you don’t “need” them.)))

Mixbabies/Mutts – ⛽️ Just kidding. They really shouldn’t reproduce though. The state should offer free abortions to these people and incentivize them to stay single through tax breaks.

National Socialism – Has all of my yes! I can hardly bring myself to describe it. It makes me so wet. 💓

Pedophilia – Is wrong and anyone who thinks that’s up for debate in any serious fashion should be on a watchlist or something.

Porn – Could be used to our advantage, despite the obvious degeneracy surrounding it. We incentivize porn stars to get with lonely virgins, so they don’t shoot up schools. Think about it. We should incentivize at the same time (this is the key to understanding fascism by the way) for these porn stars and incels to get married and have kids. And yes, they should be paired up by race and stuff. You know where I’m going with this.

Race – Is the single most important and dominating factor to understanding biological, human behavior. Vastly more important than sex, even.

Racism – Is natural. I would go as far as to say that everyone is racist and “anti-racists” are some of the most projecting projectors that ever projected. They’re like that guy that talks up his dick size a lot—because it’s actually tiny. Racism is instinctive. Everyone looks after their own before others.

Rap – Rap came from Hip-hop. Hip-hop from R&B, R&B from Blues, Blues from Grass, and Grass from Country, that ikcy “white people” music. So how could I not like rap? My people made it possible. Naw, syke. That shit sounds like fucking garbage. Yo, yo, yo with the sex, the money, and the big butts, and the bling bling. Ooh, I’m flicking money from my crotch, bietches. The white man gawn hate dis!

Sex – Is not on a “spectrum”. A man’s role in society is to contribute to it with blood, sweat, and tears. A woman’s is to simply make more men.

Slavery – Whites were the first to abolish it. Jews did Jim-Crowe, sold most of our slaves to us, and owned most of the plantations. In short, like mass immigration, slavery was and is a Jewish evolutionary strategy.

Trannies – Need to keep their birth genitals and stop trying to walk all over us. Also, when someone says they’re okay with trannies going full tranny and getting “the surgery”, tell that person that they’re full of shit and to stop wishing suicide upon marginilized groups, like the projecting pieces of shit they are. The chances of trannies killing themselves goes up after the surgery, not down. Has nothing to do with “society”.

White People – are the masters of the Universe. It is all non-whites in fact who owe us reparations for civilizing the planet and we’ll accept those reparations in the form of, shutting the fuck up about mahstemic dithcwaminayshun. We don’t care that you think you’re “oppressed”. We just don’t. We’ve got bigger fish to fry. So accept the tools we’ve provided for you, learn a thing or two about our common Jewish enemy, get your shit together and assimilate, or go.

White Supremacy – is the natural state of the world, when whites are around. Most people who advocate for it don’t realize they do so, because it’s just obvious. Every country worth living in right now is a white one. To advocate for “society” really or “civilization”, is to necessarily embrace a bit of “white supremacy”. Perhaps comfy, white Americans will realize that when their country is totally blacked, starts state-raping them like they do in South Africa, and they wonder where all their neat, widdle “altruism” and “ethics” went. Down the shitter with the rest of your race, idiots.

Women – Talk a lot and they have a lot of shoes. And they vote. Other than that though, they’re alright.


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