Reasons to Doubt the Holocaust

  • History is written by the victors; and Hitler didn’t win the war.
    • We didn’t “win” by the way because of any American “greatness”; we just sucked enough Jewish cock and got a front row seat.
  • Evidence to the positive is lacking. And trying to prove that it didn’t happen is impossible, because you can’t prove a negative.
    • There are a hundred times the volume of works delicately annihilating the Holocaust with thousands of footnotes each, as opposed to two or three, mostly forged (or forced, in cases of post-war interrogation), “historical records” that every history book borrows from today.
  • Holocaust Meusum curators openly admit Soviet tampering of the camps.
  • Jews have talked and still talk about what they percieve to be impending genocides coming for them. And it’s always 6 million. That’s a religious number to them.
  • The number of people killed during the “Holocaust” keeps changing.
  • Most of the mainstream Holocaust “survivors” have been exposed for being liars.
  • The definition of a Holocaust survivor is officially: anyone of Jewish descent who lived in Germany, during the Third Reich. Doesn’t matter when. So Allister Crowley—Holocaust survivor. And he lived a life of luxory with your parents’ and grandparents’ sympathetic, tax dollars.
  • Jews literally have done everything they accuse the Germans of and so much more. All of this Holocaust nonsense is just projection.
  • There were kitchens, maternity wards, cafeterias, entertainment venues, soccer teams, swimming pools, orchestras, and a fuck ton of other shit in those uh—“death” camps which strike me as not very useful in terms of genocide, huh? I mean, why would one help a Jew give birth to another Jew, if one’s goal is to—“kill all Jews”? It doesn’t make a lick of sense, does it?
    • Whale, y’see goy. Dem Germans ish clevah. Dey reel ya in with smiles and promises, sheeeee. Den dey put a bag ovah y’head and gas ya. Mehehehehe.
  • Photos you’ve seen in text books were fakes. Body mounds you saw were taken from (((Soviet))) massacres.
  • Hitler killed the parasitic, Rothschild-owned, central bank, like Ghandi, JFK, Lincoln, Caeser, and every other ruler throughout history that’s ever challenged the supremacy of these rat bastards. If all these “good” people throughout history, held up on moral pedistals “did nuffin wrong”, why not extend your benefit of the doubt towards Hitler, especially as a white man? Do you hate your people that much?
    • Maybe you’re one of (((them))) then. 🖕
  • Jews lie. A lot.
  • Some Jews though, also deny the Holocaust!
  • If I were to host a stream interviewing a Flat Earther, nobody would paint me with the same brush as that person. It would not be assumed that I myself am a Flat Earther. If however a neutral, apolitical person were to interview me about Holocaust revisionism, that person would probably lose their job, be cut off from their family, and all sorts of horrible shit—the kind of stuff you see in witch hunts.
    • If nothing else has convinced you, this alone—the absolute hysteria over simply talking about this stuff—proves it has validity. Beyond a shadow of doubt.
    • If it’s so dumb that it refutes itself; why the criminality? Why is it illegal to question this shit in some countries? Why is every other genocide okay to deny, but not this one?
  • Much of the things claimed to have been witnessed by Jews during the “Holocaust” are so profundly idiotic and bizarre, that it simply can’t be real. It’s like something out of a cartoon. Things such as Jews being thrown directly into gas chambers via cart, Nazi masturbation machines, gay people being tickled to death, geysers of Jewish blood, bears trained to bite Jews and draw blood should they play the wrong note in the Orchestras, faces of Jews being stitched together to make lampshades, Jews being steamed to death like lobsters and having their skin made into soap, and so much more. Watch Europa: the Last Battle.
  • Hitler, if the Holocaust did happen, barely killed anyone in comparison to other equally authoritarian leaders like (((Joseph Stalin))) and Mao Ze Dong. Yet, maoism and stalinism aren’t looked down upon in America nearly as much as national socialism. So, if it’s not the immense body count compelling them to shove this shit down our throats so much—what else could be the reason? Perhaps it’s that its an alleged Jewish genocide. 😱 But, wait—wouldn’t that mean that Jews have profound influence on our culture, economy, and lifestyle?
    • We’re not Jewish after all. We don’t hear about many other genocides concerning other races from other periods of time, and when we do, it’s not nearly as hamfisted and ideological in nature as when the “horrors” of the “Holocaust” are portrayed to us.
    • You’d think Jewish parents would keep records of this stuff and pass the history of their people down to their children. But no, our supposedly not-at-all Jewish state mandates this material, for all the goys and their shiskas to see. It makes ya think.
  • The Holocaust truly is the center of the blue pill. Its goal is to cuck white people, undermine their pride, culture, and heritage, and eventually have them all miscegenated and massacred away.
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