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Quinton Reviews showing just how much of a cuck he is, by publicly reacting to getting called a cuck, like a cuck. Of course, that is an “exaggeration”. I’m sure Quinton doesn’t watch Tyrone longjam his girlfriend every other night. Then again, how would any one of us know? For when he’s called a cuck, he cries. Almost as though he’s getting exposed, one might say.

“Haha. What an idiot. I don’t even have a girlfriend.” —Quinton, as he reads this.

And anti-transphobia? 😂 What a faggot. Are you anti-rape as well? Are you against pooping on people, without their permission? Are you against war, Quinton? How do I know unless you express otherwise with an “anti” label? Your bio’s leaving me hanging, buddy.

There’s a difference between disagreeing with the lifestyles” of trannies—and outright hating trans people. Very few are depraved enough to fit the later. But of course, to a fat, soy-filled, half-male like Quinton, there is no difference between the two. If you don’t wanna let trannies walk all over you and your people 24/7, you’re “transphobic” to this morally righteous, piece of shit.

Nevermind that by encouraging trannies to go through with their “operations”, you’re directly increasing the likelihood that they’ll commit suicide (which is already high) by a factor of 20-30%. But don’t let facts stop you from piling up those tranny corpses to virtue signal. I’m sure you’re a “good person”.

So you can call people names and criticize them on the Internet, but when others do it to you—they deserve to be censored. Oh, okay. That’s not a double standard at all. You’re a consistent person.

There seems to be a correlation (big shock) between being one of those fat, weird, hairy, fedora-wearing neckbeards that are into being dominated by multiracial mistresses, and not being able to handle the fucking Internet. Gtfo, normal fag.



Talk about a man who pulled a complete 180 on his audience. Tonkasaw used to be a well-known curator of “Internet Bloodsports”, a phenomenon (still going on somewhat) where people find controversial figures and live stream them yelling at each other in a heated debate. Him and Failure Accomplished ran a show just for that purpose and it was/”is” the Morning Kumite.

But then, Mister Metokur stopped coming on their show. He was the sole reason 70% of the audience watched; so when he disappeared, a lot of the audience followed him over to Ralph‘s channel (which is now terminated).

So Tonka revealed his true character by doing what every other disgruntled group or person “hurt by Metokur” nowdays seems to be doing. He collaborated with Kraut and Tea and other scumbags to exchange information about Andywarski in private, to be later used  to discredit him and damage his reputation as a “pedophile”.

Luckily however, the private call (like just about every other Kraut’s been involved in) ended up getting leaked because Kraut’s presence online isn’t appreciated by most people nowadays.

In short—Tonkasaw’s a jobless, alcoholic, handicapped, shit-talking “native” American who specializes in fake wrestling, calls it “MMA” experience, and like a (((lot))) of people, thinks doxing is okay when he does it, but terrible otherwise.

Also, he bitched out of his fight with Warski. I mean—who saw that coming?

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